Ask @KellinAkers:

Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?

um. if i wear socks w/ sandals it's because i was gonna wear shoes but then i got too lazy to put em on so.

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dey cute man. I like ducks. Ducks are gr8. im gr8. ur gr8. everything is gr8

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You say that you are pansexual but I really have like no idea what that mean so cantrt you please explain? Not trying to be rude because I fucking love your face.

It means I like all genders. Not just two. Pan = all. Bi = 2. It basically means I like guys, girls, transexuals, all genders. But I've pretty much decided that I'm going to become a feministic full fledged lesbian as of today because FUCK MEN.

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Just you always say to people your ok when really ur not u always cut & shit! I have only been too your house like 2 times & every Time I was over all I say was scared and open cuts like if u have problems u need to see a councilor... U have issues I am just trying to help.

Rose? What the fuck... I don't cut anymore, how is saying awful things on my ask going to help me?

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Y the hell do u try to pretend like ur k all the time it pisses me off. Actually just whatever............ Be upset at the world & never tell anyone about ur feelings & make it worse on u inn life. By

what the hell are you even trying to say? I'm confused because of your awful spelling and shit. Your mad at me for pretending to be ok? What's wrong with trying to keep the attention away from me? And then half way through the question your okay with that? How about you learn how to type and then get back to me.

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Yo, Sooo I need help! Dose anyone know where I can get a funnel cake in town?! Cuz that's all I want right now!!❤ • (sent to all the people I'm following, sorry)

lol no I'm not sure. My sister got one like last week at something called the Renascence fair but I don't think that they're still in town.

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