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Brady is still in your ask bio, yet you talk all this shit like you're hard lol

I haven't talk shit about Brady. lol he fucked with my head and I straight told him that. so what's your point.

Ok,so I'm reading all your replys to your questions and it seems like u don't want them to be asking you about certain things. But if u had any common sense u would delete this. So y don't u?

Lol I just think some of their questions are stupid

How does it feel that Tessa is going to prom with Brady? ??

lol, but he's leaving with me and we match it was a promise they made. idrgaf get a life.

yeah we know. you only use people for sex Hun.

lmao. i would never do that, i've had sex with 2 people bet thats less than you sweetheart. my life isnt your business. i like brady alot. so come off anon pussy bitch.

you're so disrespectful with your body. and it's disgusting. grow up. all you do is fuck boys, and you wonder why they fuck with other girls and shit while talking or dating you. they think your just pawning your body so tbh if you don't wanna get played so much maybe you should grow the hell up .

your dumb as fuck. get off my shit.


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