Ask @KendaIIs:

I had my hair down and I don't have glasses, I had a gray jacket and flannel underneath and a choker

RIP WRONG PERSON LOL! well that's such a coincidence that you saw me, so crazy. i live in a city right next to rancho, not gonna say on ask because i don't need everyone here knowing what city i live in lol. that's honestly so crazy though, that's never happened to me before!!

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I was walking outside I think I saw you by some phone accessories stand

omg my mom got into a fight with the guy there, super long story. ANYWAY i noticed like a girl looking at me. by any chance do u have glasses and were u wearing a ponytail?!??!?! i'm really observant and always notice the things around me lol, chances are it was just someone else who i made eye contact with lol

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