Ask @Kenid00dle:

How do you think what might change after marriage?

Marriage is a very important and sacred thing. It’s the joining of two souls in an act of love. If you’re in my religion, (I’m LDS) then you two will be sealed for all eternity. It’s an important thing. What could change is really up to you. Are you going to respect each other? Will your bond grow stronger? Make sure you talk to your spouse about what should happen after marriage, and you should work it out together.

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What do you feel like so many people don't like you?

I’m personally trying not to think about how others think of me. I know my worth, and I try not to let others drag me down. It helps with my confidence. In the past two years, I had low self esteem. I let others drag me down, and sometimes I thought too much about it. I learned that it wasn’t really good for my mental, spiritual, emotional, AND physical health. This year, now that I’m “on my own,” I’ve been making a change to that, to think highly of myself. (But not in a narcissistic way.) I love who I am, and nothing is going to change how I feel about myself. What others think of you really doesn’t matter, it’s what YOU think of YOURSELF. The way you see yourself may be what others think of you. Don’t let the bad things get to you, you’re way more than what horrible things people may think of you. Don’t forget that. ❤️

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