Ask @KevinChen402:

Tbh I saw on the results in Edmonton that you won provincials for composition! That's awesome! You're a very fun person to be around and every time I see your name I think of your ultimate frisbee catch? hope things are going well with violin and I'll see you during the bootcamp week at vcm!

Wait what?! I won provincials for composition? I didn't go into composition so it must be a different Kevin Chen ? Thanks! I hope things are going with well with violin for you as well. We have to play ultimate frisbee again. See you at boot camp! ?

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my favourite thing about you is how you're always there for me. like anytime I have something to complain about, or some KT, you always respond like within 20 minutes. and you always have something good/funny to say❤️❤️

Hahaha I always throw my problems at you, I'm so sorry about that. KT is my otp, I'm always up to talk about it :P I'll respond within 20 minutes if I'm not taking a nap ??
Thank you! ❤?

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