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Did you ever think any of the pirates in pirates of the Caribbean were based on real pirates?

Actually I think they picked pirates that were based off the real pirates I do however know that Hector Barbossa was based on Hayreddin Barbarossa and I also know that Davy Jones was based on David Jones or I think his real name was Duffer Jones.

Do you believe Winona Ryder has no idea what Netflix even was or is being she's only in her 50s?

I did hear something about that with Stranger Things being talked about a lot. So I don't know if that's something she just said or if she really has no clue what Netflix even is but I'm surprised she said this.

What's a pick up line you've ever had said or been told?

Hmm the last time I got a pick up line said was back in 2009 if you were a Transformer, you'd be Optimus Fine I don't usually get pick up lines said really.

Wait this was your first time watching Lord Of The Rings and you don't understand any of it?

That is correct for a first time I don't understand certain things like what does the ring symbolize there's more to it.

Have you seen any of The Lord Of The Rings movies?

Yes actually I have for the first time recently and I don't understand what I was actually watching.

Opinions on Beartooth?

There's nothing really wrong with liking the band I mean they have good music.


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