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You know you can still be a hoe even if u only fuckn with one guy at a time. You still movin fast through niggas like it's nothing. Doesn't matter if they wifing you or not and we know you got side niggas fuvkin

How can you be a hoe for messing with 1guy for MONTHS or even YEARS at a time.. Doesn't add up. I'm not moving fast at all so to the others yes that's something you should express to them.. Like I said before nobody Wants to be lonely or tripping off their x asking dumb questions in their askfm pretending to be anonymous trust we all know.. But um yea I don't have side niggas I'm a young single mom working & making money with bae on the side that is all & that's all it'll ever be unless our chapter ends.. Even if that happened "side niggas" are a no go

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Everytime u with a new nigga ur value goes down bitch. Nobody wants a bitch that everyone's had before. Niggas like girls that can be solo without givin up ass quick and always looking for a companion

My value will forever be high because I'm a child of god & everybody has not been with me. & I don't know anyone who wants to sit around & be "solo" forever. I haven't given anything up quick & I wasn't even looking for anyone to be in the picture

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You posted a pic of a guy and you alone. You've done it plenty of times to know that this is boo # 10 or watever. You love have significant others huh?

Lls I'm not alone if you Must know that is bae or whatever & boo # 10? What kind of count are you doing?? & that should be singular a significant other not others.. But who cares?? Why are you stressing me?? & so worried about Alex Alex??

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