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❤️Husband and wife❤️.

The Husband: did you pray Asr prayer?
The wife: No!
The husband: why?
The wife: I just arrived from work and I am a bit tired.
I will go to sleep.
The husband: ok, go pray Asr and maghrib before the Athan for Isha prayer start.
The next day, as usual, the husband went on a business trip which would last for days. He left the house. After few hours he arrived at his destination.
The wife waited for his call as usual. He didn't call or inbox her. She phoned him but no reply! She become irritated and worries about him. She called again and again but no reply! After few hours he called her.
The wife: are you ok, honey?
The husband: yes, I am ok. Alhumduallah.
The wife: when did you arrive?
The husband: four hours now. The wife(surprised): FOUR HOURS!!!! But you didn't call!!
The husband: I arrived a bit tired and I went to sleep.
The wife: you could have called me. It wouldn't have taken more than few minutes. Didn't you hear the phone ringing?
The husband: yes, I did.
The wife: why didn't you answer the phone? Didn't you care?
The husband: (silent): but yesterday you also didn't care when you heard the Adhan.
A call from allah....
The wife:( silent, and tears in eyes.
You are right, honey. I am sorry!
The husband: ask allah subhanallah wa ta'alaa to forgive you, not me."

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A soul mate is someone who you are a meant to be with. My soul mate should be not only my husband but also my best friend. I don't know yet where my soul mate is but I truly believe I'll find him :)

Your soul mate is endlessly loyal to you.
Your soul mate is always supportive of you.
You can communicate comfortably with your soul mate.
Your soul mate makes you feel special.
Your soul mate transcends spiritual boundaries with you.
Your soul mate appreciates your affection.
Your soul mate thinks you’re just irresistible.
Your soul mate helps you feel safe.
You feel like you can completely trust your soul mate.
You don’t just experience their endless love, you feel it.
Even in times of tragedy, you find strength in your soul mate.
Your soul mate turns to you with all their secrets, hopes and dreams.
Your soul mate has the same ideas about raising children as you.
Your soul mate always includes you in major and minor life decisions.
Your soul mate pushes you to be better and you return that favor.

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how did you came to know about ALLAH?

First I got to know about Islam in 2005 when I was living with my ex Arabic friends in China. They told me a lot about Islam but that time I was too young and didn't really care about religion, and before I was not a good Christian, too... More than 1 year ago I had a Muslim boyfriend, lived with his Muslim family (in a Muslim country) for a while, and started to fall in love with Islam. I'm learning about it everyday and I hope I will be a good Muslim after I convert (*^__^*)

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If you want to know me a little bit more (*^__^*)

Hello! ☺
My name is Khalidah.
I'm 28 years old.
I'm from Lithuania (Europe) (^ _ ^)/
I have an awesome son Michael. I love him so much and he means so much to me that no words can explain❣⃛❣⃛❣⃛♡♡♡
I'm interested in astrology, psychology, meditation, I like good movies (I love horror movies!), interesting books, I really like to travel, etc.
I'm stubborn and I always do everything to make my dreams come true❣⃛ ✰
I love animals (especially dogs) and nature.
I'm a big fan of ♡ℳicℎaℯℓ Jackson♡, ♡Freddie Mercury♡, ♡Matsumoto Hideto♡, and ♡Miyavi♡. They will always be very precious to me.
When I was a teenager I fell in love with Japan, it's culture, music, food, etc. I miss the times when I was there and I hope someday to go there again! (*^▽^*)
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
height: 165cm. (5'5)
weight: secret
natural hair color: dark brown
eye color: green/grey/blue, some brown
skin color: white
nationality: Lithuanian (European)
religion: Islam
blood type: O RH+
zodiac sign: Taurus
Chinese horoscope: Rabbit
alcohol: no
cigarettes: yes (menthol only)
piercings: 5 (ears), 1 (tongue), 1 (lip)
tattoos: 3 (on my neck, right arm and chest)
favorite color: black
favorite food: sushi, chocolate
favorite drink: cold coffee, juice
favorite flower: Lily of the Valley
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
******** countries I've been to ********
✔Japan (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Miyagi, Saitama, Osaka)
4 times:
2005 (2 months)
2007 (3 months)
2008 (3 months)
2009 (3 months)
✔China (GuangZhou, ShenZhen, HangZhou, Shanghai)
3 times:
2005 (4 months)
2006 (4 months)
2007 (3 weeks)
✔Hong Kong:
many times
✔Taiwan (Chiayi, Taipei):
2010 (1 month)
2011 (11 months)
2012 (7 months)
2013 (4 months)
2007 (2 weeks)
2010 (2 weeks)
2010 (2 months)
2012 (2 months)
2013 (2 months)
2013 (2 weeks)
✔Philippines (Boracay)
2013 (3 days)
2014 (3 days)
✔Malaysia (Penang)
2014 (3 months)
✔Bulgaria (Harmanli)
2015 (1 month)
I went to ✔Germany many times, especially when I was a child.
I've also visited ✔Poland, ✔Latvia, ✔Holland, ✔France, ✔Denmark.
♕ L.O.V.E. ♕

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