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It's a little bit difficult to answer this question. I used to be Christian, but around 5 years ago I started to learn a lot about Islam, and I've decided to be a Muslim, but because of some private reasons I cannot practice Islam yet... Sometimes I listen Quran (I've also read Quran, of course), learning more and more about Islam on internet and from other Muslims. Soon I will move to Indonesia. There I will revert to Islam. Finally I'll be able to practice Islam and to be a real Muslim.

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Love can be diverse. What types of love can you name?

7 Types of Love, according to the ancient Greeks:
1. Eros: Love of the body
2. Philia: Love of the mind
3. Ludus: Playful love
4. Pragma: Longstanding love
5. Agape: Love of the soul
6. Philautia: Love of the self
7. Storge: Love of the child
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