Ask @KhanAdab4:

What would you do if you were invisible for a day? ๐Ÿ‘ป

I like the Idea of being invisible because I can accomplish so much with just one power.
A day being too short. I'd rather want it for atleast an year.
So I can cover most of the world travelling and eat all the delicacies from most regions. I won't need money at all or good clothes. So no worries. I would go to all high security places, prohibited for most of the common people rather than private women rooms (as desired by most men). Might even want to ride a few supercars, only if I see any seat vacant. :P Free travelling and Good food. Yeah that's about it. :3

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Do you care?

Rigs Sun!
Yes, I care.
I care, how the world has made a specific day to appreciate all the women for all their intricate part they've played in our lives to make us better.
I care how we choose celebrate them on this very day yet they are subjugated through out rest of the days.
I care how they go through gender bias, domestic and sexual violence and other kind of atrocities yet they keep mum and keep doing their bit.
I care how we men as a "Stronger" gender, takes pride in doing all the "Manly" things and try to undermine their efforts which has made us that capable to be ironically proud about.
Yes, I freaking care because I am a SON. BROTHER. FRIEND NEPHEW. GRANDSON. UNCLE. and maybe even more bonds to come. to all those ladies. I am Family to them. And I am not going to wish you all "THAT" day. Unless and until I become a man that honours them from within and bow down in respect to all I can be grateful to them. Yes, I CARE and so should you! :3

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