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Ты открыта ля людей?

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Как ты относишься к другим национальностям?

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есть человек, которого ты ненавидишь?

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How important is freedom of speech in a healthy society?🤐

screams6’s Profile PhotoAndreea ♡
Im the wrong person to ask for tjos because not only do i believe in complete freedom of speech but also in freedom of action.so im completely against all laws too because nobody has the right to tell me how to live my life

If you had to eat one part of your body, or die an excruiciating death, what part would you eat?

xcxCCTGxcx’s Profile PhotoCC
We all know the answer to this one....but.... Lets just say...i put my back out

Девушка должна быть невинной до свадьбы?

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Anyone good at relationship advice?

U didnt say what exactly you need help with. But im not the guy to go to since ive pretty much always been single but since there was someone once upon a time...ill tell you my best advice.
If you like em then let em know. Dont wait it out.

If you had to dye your hair and keep the color for the next five years, what color would you choose?

I honestly just wanna go blonde but bleach is so terrible for my hair. I tried once and the results were...well...less than adequate

Девушка должна быть невинной до брака: "за" или "против"?

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Лучше любить или быть любимым/любимой?

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