Ask @Khlani:

turn on? turn off?

Turn on:
Complimentse all the time
Who plays sports and in the top teams
Has really nice lips & eyes
Nice as style
Positive attiude
Allways happy
Want to talk to me no matter what
Loves me for who I am
loves to eat
do anything to make me happy
Maori or islander (tan boys)
Who can take silly photos with me
someone i can rely on hahaha
who trust me,who will support me <3
umm who's cute with kids tbh
Smells nice
Brings food haha
Who has nice toes
Do cute things haha
I can't really think atm lol
Turn offs:
Doesn't play sport
low rides
Has abbs -.- ewwww yuck
Not happy at all blah blah blah hehe

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