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shut up bitchy. already pass XD XD tbhi mn nhi kr rha pdhne ka! n btw itna confidence na rkh pagliXD XD vse pta h mene beth kr permutation and combination pdha XD . mjh lga vo aa rha h XD sala 3 ghnte brbd kiye usp

oh my god pari..check the whatsapp group..i've sent the snap pf syllabus as well n kutti tu naa padh fir bhi tu 70 mai se 40+ le aayegi coz mera aashirwaad tere sth h! :P XD mrking scheme bhi bhju? :P XD
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Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?

I consider a whisper much stronger than shouting.

like=views sweet voice...sweet personality.. nice orator...baki dnt knw much... keep up d spirit????

Dhanyawaad, dear senior. :* Happy diwali! *_*

first thing on hearing your name - the magical, cute, magnificent, beautiful, indescribable princess with a crown of innocence

And even after sitting and thinking, you don't know how to answer these. @PariVerma966 , Ily. :*

best place to roam with you! amm girl how about disneyland?

Yesss..you and disneyland, both are love. Could there be any better place than this? :*
However, disney is the reason for my high expectations from boys. <3

like = tbh... tjhe kya jrurat h tbh ki.. luv u loads :* kk.. jaan h tu toh!!! chhoti si!!! :p nlu me admission hoga Tera..? bhot bande honge tere.. ? ese Hi rhio.. bhot saara pyaar n thoda sa mazzak?

Priyanshu Mehta
OMG!! Priyanshu, this is beyond words! Thanks a lottt! :* :)

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