Ask @KhyatiMitamMom:

Temporary addiction: What are you addicted to these days? Song, food item, movie, app or anything in the world that you recently got addicted to? Could be a human too :p

احسن شہزاد
A very tough question.
I must say.
I am addicted to
- 'Miss You' song
- Fangirling 5/5 Band members (1D)
- ( SHH )
- Twitter
- Whataapp
- Instagram
- MOBILE PHONE ( hell yeah, who is isin't ? )
- Youtube Videos (um yeah, NOT the bad ones)

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How to get rid of smartphone addiction? 😃

^_^Lets Parthy^_^
I am NOT the right person to answer such type of questions..!!
I am addicted to my phone AF kidd
- I use whatsapp 24x7
- I use ask 24x7
( but tomorrow my friend will change
Iska password !!! 😢 DANG )
- I used to use twitter, instagram and snapchat 24x7 ( now my friends have changed unka password 😂 😢)
Well i can help you with
“kaunsi networking site sabse aachi hai?”
“Whatsapp ke features batao?”
Etc etc 😂

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