Ask @Kibbity_Kabbit:

Can you swim? How can I learn? 🏊🏻

I was taught at a very young age by my parents. The best way to learn is to start with floaties, get the basic motions down. Then when you feel ready, remove floaties & put those motions to work. Staying above water is mostly done through leg movements. Keep your legs still & you’ll sink.

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How do you feel about aromatherapy? You like or maybe you want to try it?

I have Essential oils handy. I don’t feel it really does much as people make it out so. It can be a relaxing, comfortable scent. Other than that, there’s no mental magical cure for illness in scented oils/candles/etc.

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What do you think of people who are interested in the genealogical tree?

I think it can be really interesting to learn more about who you’re related to & past ancestry. My dad was adopted, yet he never had any yearning to know about his biological family. I still remain curious about it though.

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