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You exclude everyone

There have been times where I didn't get invited to something Kinadee got invited too or the opposite, you can't invite the entire grade to a sleepover and there will other nights with other people. I'm really sorry if this hurt anyone's feelings but I don't understand why anyone should be upset I'm not changing all my friends to only those five people.

tbh\\ we don't talk this year that much,, but last year was honestly one of the best😂😂 #longlivehmpk


tbh|| literally love you. im so thankful for having you be there for me when i moved here. i thought it would suck but it's been really good thanks to you . you're so freaking pretty. not to mention beyond nice and really funny. im glad we've gotten close thanks for being there for me ❤️❤️

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Love you so so so much😘😘
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