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*after watching the show* Highlights of Honorversary Night 2 as far as matches and promos go?

Patriot and Alex's part of the opening promo made me laugh out loud, The Survival of the Fittest Final was fantastic, and even though Blair vs Enterprise was far too short, it was good while it lasted with a great final couple of minutes.
Even though Travis mentioned the Wiz and nearly ruined the match doing so.

Up and coming guys that you would like to see get a opportunity at going for the COH World or Global title?

World - I can't wait to see Caleb's match, big fan of him. I'd like to see Zane and Lester Barkley at some point too.
Global - This title is an open opportunity for anyone, I think anyone on Slam could go for this, cause this title establishes the star, whereas the World Title has been generally given its prestige by the big name winners.

Advice that you would give to certain people on the COH roster?

If you have a good idea, have some confidence in what you do. Put yourself out there and never have second thoughts, because if you're confident people will notice so, and people will begin to share the faith you have in your idea.

I don't like how our last convo was bro. Idc wat you believe religion wise we shouldnt have even touched that topic because it's a sensitive topic. Anyways hope your doing good & the question is.... How big is Batista's D**k ?? haha

WavyDonn’s Profile PhotoNathaniel Carter
Yeah, it was a pretty stupid thing for us to start talking about, but it's in the past! Besides, I was 15 or something at the time so naturally I was a little prick, so apologies for being one! Batista's dick game weak but he's got massive basketballs.

On the current COH roster, who are the guys you think would have been great if they were in the early years of COH and the guys that wouldn't have done well back in the day?

Well the thing to keep in mind is that David was terrible at giving newer and younger talent a chance. Me and the X Division were lucky because we got our own title and chance to shine but we were restricted to just that, and he stopped us from reaching the main roster, taking that in mind the people who I say woulda done well are:
Kenyon Fenix
Those are the three that come to mind, because when you look back on YTCW, their characters are the kinds that got to the top, and the people behind the characters are the kinds of guys David liked, which I can understand because they're great promo cutters and seem like very genuine guys.


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