Ask @Killzymallone: - what do you think of this song?

The lyrics have no Emotion,The Rapper is Terrible, The Beat is Dreadful but the First Guy is in tune he could go Far if he Put His heart into his songs... Not my thing really no Emotion and The Rap is to Soft core I'm More of a Westside Connection NWA kind of Person... But that's just my opinion although I do have a diverse music taste It doesn't stretch that far

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How do you cheer up a friend when they're feeling down?

Erm... this won't make any sense but (If it's not to serious I mean if it's like a family death I'm not going to do it) I try to be as sarcastic (with a bit of a smile and over exaggerated voice) as I can until they laugh
Them: I'm having the worst day ever
Me: AWWWWWW OMG It's the WORST... Day... Ever.... no one ever had a day as bad as this
Them: Shut up you know what I mean you twat
Me: Nooooooooo I couldn't understand no one has ever had a day as bad as this
Them: Your a Twat
Me: Well at least I'm having a good day *Wink*
Actually in retrospect they don't usually laugh.... Ever

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How often do you use your brain?

All the Time For Varying things the most Tasking of which today was Topping up and getting my head around Immanuel Kant's Philosophy's such as The Theory that Although Man and the world we live in is one that is viewed Rationally (The Philosophical school of Rationalism) There are Synthetic Factors (Made up ideas) Which have a Non-Physical yet very apparent Place in out World For example the Mind which we all have so is of course something we may treat as an Analytic feature Proving that things may be Synthetic yet at the same time a Priori (Something anyone just knows without having to Go outside and Experience which is of course a Postieori) Of course as the saying goes "An Intuition without a Concept is Empty but a Concept without an Intuition is Blind" so let me give you an Example so You may at least grasp the concept 5+7=12 many would say this is obvious yet if You just came to the World and Had no Knowledge of number 5+7 would mean Nothing to you it would merely be Scribblings proving that although something is a Priori (Everyone knows that 5+7=12 which is also able to workout as it shows that these Numbers work in conjunction so it is plainly obvious that they have some link even if they do just appear as scribbles as worked out by Human Intuition of the concept which will be noticed by anyone but the mindless who lack a working brain and just follow the world like Cows to the slaughter) it may also be a Postieori (As one must become familiar with the Man Made concept of Numbers) Which in itself Explains the Phrase Which Immanuel Kant created For without Consciousness we are miserable or at least there is the alarming chance meaning as a working Philosophical Theory should work in Reverse If a Man Is Aware of what he is doing and applying his free will he is eliminating Chance as he is performing Calculated Actions Leaving Nothing to Chance as Immanuel Kant Coined Critical Philosophy meaning one Questions himself and his Limits before performing any action otherwise he is merely acting on Intuition meaning of course His thought was empty and Anything can Happen... Very interesting Stuff and very good thing to apply to life to increase one's Happiness if used Effectively

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