Ask @KirbyKart641:

So your a hetalia fan have you ordered beautiful world and along with the others what is your favorite episode/moment?

I preordered Beautiful World the day it was released and my favorite moment? Ummmmm In axis powers I love when Germany and Italy have their pinky swear the story behind was so cute! In world series there is a monologue of china talking to panda how every country is mean to him especially Russia then Russia takes of his disguise as panda and scares the crap out of China the English dub is hilarious! And beautiful world had so many awesome moments I can narrow it down to Italy and turkey talking about how Italy beat up turkey when he was just a kid and Germany listening behind them is shocked to realize that a wimp like Italy beat up macho turkey and when Germany and Prussia infiltrate an American camp the nearly get caught but due to germanys quick thinking he act like an American and looks and sounds hilarious while doing it! I can't name all my favorite moments but those really made me laugh!

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