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Who do you love ?

I havnt been on this app in so long and I just came on cuz I was bored and this was a question I was recently asked so I'm just gonna answer it since he's on my mind recently. So no names but he & the people who know me well who know exactly who I'm talking about when & if they read this so like... I love this boy (or should I say man 🤔) I've loved him since the very day I met him, when I met him it was like heart eyes.. I literally looked like this -> 😍. It's been years of me just being head over heels in love with this kid.. honestly no matter what happens he will always be in my heart.. my soul. He's a piece of me and I can't ever let that go. He's perfect. He's tall, got these eyes that are just.. wow. He has hair that I would love to just sit and run my hands through, he's got these little quirks and blemishes to him like his little scars and I love every single one of them.. I know the stories behind the scars and we have a few shared ones where I can think about the moment he got the injury that is now a forever part of him. His smile lights up my entire life and he's my best friend. No matter if we're together or not he will always be my bestfriend and I'll I want to do is make him happy, spoil him, just make his life so much better then he could ever expect. I love everything about him, even the bad things. His temper, his attitude.. just everything I can't ever get enough of. My heart honestly beats out of my chest anytime I see him and literally cracks my ribs beating so hard when he's near me. I forget my name, how to speak when he's around I swear all of me melts into him anytime he's around and all I can do is stare at him and feel this warm & giddy feeling flow through my body and I just wanna hold him and kiss him and love him. He is literally everything to me still and even if we're not together I'll be sitting behind and letting him be happy cuz if he's happy I'm happy and I'll be there for when he isn't happy, always checking up..... (that was deeper then I thought it would be)

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What was your last convo

Me and Anyee talking about chickens and why people keep taking pictures of them running 😭😭

What do you like the most on people (or guys specifically)

Lips 😍 I love to watch people or specifically boys talk and see how their lips move 😍
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When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

"It's to early for this"

What do you think about the magical yellow unicorn who dances on the rainbow with a spoonful of blue cheese dressing?

its great


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