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What is the history of trolli eggs? Because those are my most recent candy obsession....

The TROLLI company history began in 1948. Willy Mederer, father of today's owner, Herbert Mederer, began producing noodles and pasta under the company name: Willy Mederer KG. Soon thereafter, the formerly rationed sugar rules (during the war), were relaxed and the range of products from the Mederer Group could be expanded - particularly to the production of peppermint candies. Following this expansion, a sales team was created to organise the company´s marketing.
Willy Mederer attempted to expand throughout the 1950s and 60's. As the product range widened and the number of employees increased, the Mederer Group augmented production with new machinery to satisfy increasing demand. From then on, Willy Mederer decided to distribute products under the brand name "Wilmed." Jelly-fruits, cream drops and other products were made by 150 employees. Sales offices in Münich and Stuttgart were then created. At the age of 17, Herbert Mederer, current CEO was integrated into the company while simultaneously attending the Candy School of Solingen, where he studied to become a confectioner.
1948 - Willi Mederer began his German candy company "Wilmed" with sales offices in Stuttgart and Munich.
1975 - Willi Mederer and his son, Herbert, open Trolli. The name Trolli comes from Trolls (forest creatures that are fond of children). The German mascot for the candy is a Troll with rainbow hair.
1975 - Trolli targets the American market.
1984 - Willi Mederer passes away.
1986 - Herbert Mederer opens production facility in Creston, Iowa.
1994 - The subsidiary Trolli Iberica SA in Valencia is established.
1996 - Favorite Brands International buys Trolli U.S.
1997 - Production facility in Jakarta (Indonesia) is opened.
1998 - Efrutti is launched.
1999 - Nabisco buys Favorite Brands.
2000 - Philip Morris buys Nabisco and merges it with Kraft Foods.
Summer 2004 - Trolli Road Kill candy is introduced to the US market.
March 2005 - Trolli Road Kill candy causes controversy.
March 2005 - Kraft pulls Trolli Road Kill candy from the market.
June 2005 - Wrigleys buys Trolli U.S. from Kraft.
January 2006 - Wrigleys sells Trolli U.S. to Farley's & Sathers Candy Company, Inc.
August 2010 - Trolli sponsors SpVgg Greuther Fürth and the respective football stadium is subsequently named Trolli Arena.
January 2013 - Farley's & Sathers Merges with Ferrara Pan to create Ferrara Candy Company
Efrutti, the specialist for 'premium fruit gummies', was integrated into the Mederer Group in 1998. This was aimed towards a broadening of premium quality gummy products. With already two production sites in Boizenburg and Hagenow, Gummi Bear Factory was taken over (2000) in order to ensure production and supply at level with the continued increasing demand for TROLLI products.
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