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You had a real one for you. You didn't want the love. You shoved the love away.

Hmm … I don’t remember that ever happening . I remember someone making the decision to do what they wanted regardless how I felt and that’s what they did. I’m not inclined to care or feel remorseful afterwards

What happened u block people who tell u the truth thats ur coping skill hide it will go away you in the game take the hit y bring all the rest down with u

You’re a weirdo idk you WEIRDO

How do you feel about see taking shavonte to meet her parents?Did you ever meet them Bol

Didn’t care to meet them 😂😂😂😂

Id love to go back and be with you. But You have someone new. Let’s face it, there’s no cleaning up the mess we made

Huh lol who are you. This is getting weird

Is it okay to talk to other girls when you are in a relationship ? Tell them that you miss them or saying sending heart emojis



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