Ask @Klizcool:

and I watched a documentary about bronies

Shiny Swalot
Meh. The documentaries don't really paint the real picture that personal experience with the fandom can bring.

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I watched MLP a couple of days ago

Shiny Swalot
Hurray! Best pony fight, go!

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stupid anonymous

Shiny Swalot
How rude

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What's cool nowadays?

Why are you so addicted to

Because it beats smoking crack

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is that all?

Shiny Swalot
All of it is now complete. You are now in the possession of more reaction images.

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You have to answer them all with a different answer :P Good Luck

Shiny Swalot

What is your high score in Flappy Bird?

Never played it.

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The poor little sweet Swalot...

Is this Swallot?

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You still didn't tell the poor Swalot your Penis Joke, Klizcool

Too bad

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I like to swear.
I love Halo and Pokemon.
I am awesome.
Princess Luna is best pony. No exceptions.
God bless the Enclave. God bless America.
Pink Floyd is an amazing band to listen to.
I am the Mighty Pony Tallyist.