Ask @Knight_skull3493:

How do you raise your self-confidence?

It really depends on a few things... But I raise my self-confidence by just being the best that I can be and always keeping my head up and if someone is trying the be rude or mean to me I even leave them alone or kill em with kindness. Killing em with kindness WORKS! Also just by believing in myself. :)

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Why do you think people hide love but express hatred so openly?

I'm sorry, I really don't know how to answer this question, the only thing I can say is... That it's hard for those to open up to others and show love and it can be for many different reasons, like fear of being hurt and betrayed... Hatred would be easier to go by because it's very easy to just hate or dislike someone... When you hate someone, you just don't care about that person and wish for the worse upon that person... Sometime it just can't be helped...

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