So I have to ask, does MangaGamer have any plans to ever translate Shin Koihime Musou? After the original it's been one of the few I keep hoping to see pop up but it never seems to which makes me sad, I really enjoyed the original.

We always get this question, and it's hard to answer. Most, if not all, or our staff would absolutely love to work on the game and see it released. But it's just a behemoth of a game in terms of text to translate and localize.
The script is well over 6.5MB long. It's longer than the current Song of Ice and Fire series, longer than the Wheel of Time series. The translation alone would require a significant investment of time from numerous staff members, and frankly, considering how many sales we typically see from a single title (even a popular one like Koihime Musou), there's just no way that investment of time and money would provide us with a financial return. In fact, sinking that much effort and money into the product could risk breaking us at present, considering we can't expect to sell much more than 1,000 copies at $50 given the current market trends.
We want to do it, but until the visual market changes, it's not an investment we can afford to make. It's not an investment Nexton is willing to venture either. No one looking at the business numbers wants to sink the time and money required to realize the project when the best sales projections we can make in the current market situation tell us it would be a black-hole for our finances.
We have toyed with the idea of kickstarting the project, and maybe we will one day, but no one is willing to make the upfront investment when there's no anticipation of a returns. And even if we were to kickstart Shin Koihime Musou, we would want to make sure that the kickstarter has a reasonable chance of succeeding, because it looks bad for everyone involved if a company like ours and Baseson were to use kickstarter and have the project fail.