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What is the first animal you would run to see if you went to the zoo?

A damn panda. Those things are fantastic

Can u just not

Not if you don't tell me what not to do so next time I would prefer a more complete question. What you said wasn't even a complete question.

Tbh: I love you so much and miss you lots! We you are so sweets bad gorgeous. We should hang out some time :P text me

I miss you too!! You are like the definition of gorgeous!!!!

What is your idea of paradise?

Imagine this. You are on a volleyball court in the middle back place wearing a different colored jersey. You are Lebero. You see the opponents Lebero go for a down ball, and when it comes over it goes to the deep right corner. However, you are already there and you get a perfect pass to your setter. The setter actually sets you and you get a kill. This is my life. This is my paradise.
What is your idea of paradise

Hi Kelskool. I miss you. A whole ton. Home room was the best. When you can drive we are going to debs and sitting in his class for home room. Ok? I love you and I hope that we can spend more time together soon! Sorry I haven't really reached out to you this summer and our schedules are crazy! :3 Bai

I love you too Mo!!! And we are totally hanging with Debs when we can! I wanna see you too, too bad we play sports! ;)

What question do you hate to answer?

All of them... Jk probs ones that tell me I suck or am ugly. I just ignore those

Hey Kels :) okay so for starters I love you so much and you are an amazing person! You are one of my best volleyball buddies and you are an amazing cook, especially cupcakes :D. I haven't seen you in awhile so you me and Sarah need to hang out soon! Love yoouuuuu :)

So is this Hana?? But anywhore... Whoever this is I love you too and DUH we need to hang!!! Text me!!!!!

Once upon a time, a walrus and a rug decided to run a 6.9k race. A banana fucked a wall and then stabbed the rug. The walrus serenaded its grandmother with a ceremonial song,"DON'T DROP THAT THUN THUN THUN HAYYY" and the charming bears started twerking Miley Cyrus off a cliff. Then purple crayon.

That was pleasant


Gosh!! Sorry Shea!!! I love you too and I want to hang out with you also. If we ever end up going to the same volleyball practice together, will you be my partner?

Kels! Ilysm girlie, I'm so glad we got to hang out lots this summer :) I haven't seen you in foreverrrrrr though you world traveler :p you are so cute and funny and smart, I miss you. See you soon! :)

Thank you random anon!! By the words said... I'm guessing this is Hana. If so, I love you too and I can't wait to hang out again!!

What do you think of Rachel Long?

She's cool. She's really nice and funny. We don't hang out much but she's definitely fun to shop with. Also she is great to talk to. But she doesn't get dibs on my French guy

Do you prefer giving or receiving?

Giving. It just makes me feel good and like I'm doing something right

How long does it take to really 'know' someone?

Depends on how well you click with the person. If you have to try to be friends with the person, it will be a while. But if you immediately click it will probably be shorter


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