Ask @Kreizlyr:

Do you know what falling in love feel like?

ABSOLUTELY. Falling in love means you can't get that person out of your head, and feel genuine rush of emotions just by the thought of them. Thinking of them makes you smile for no reason. You make each other laugh until it hurts. Your heart rate(chemistry) synchronizes. You find their little quirks so cute and endearing. You constantly check your phone to see if they’ve got in touch. Your open to new ideas and activities because of them. Your able to accept and respect what their likes/dislikes and your capable of loving them too. They’re the first person you want to tell when you get good news and bad news. Your empathy towards them keeps growing stronger. You experience sleepless nights and loss of appetite because of them. As soon as they leave, you miss them. You want to make them proud. You make them feel safe, secure, and comfortable. You can't stop staring at them(or their pictures). They make you feel as treasured as you do them. You genuinely wanna meet their family and friends. AND FINALLY, you start planning for the future.

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Do you get angry easily?

It takes a long damn time for me to get worked up/stressed out over something, but once it's bottles up and explode, I'm often told that I could quite a nasty asshole. It kinda stings that people close to me really knows me well enough to maintain their distance, and get the eff out of the way. It's their way of saying they love me, and shit I love them too.

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