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College degrees do not ensure wealth.

I agree. 💯 I never went to college & I work & not in any debt of my own. 😊

What movie can you watch over and over again?

Top Gun: Maverick ✈️ I saw it 3 times. 🤣 It’s such a epic movie with the jets & the sounds were insane. A must see movie for the theater’s, not just tv! I love Tom Cruise. 😍👏🏻🌹💖💜

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Where can i find the key to your heart ?

Actions that follow what’s been told to me, not the opposite.

So I have to take showers at my neighbors house now because my dumb ass brother in law decided to turn of the water to my house because there was a leak ; he was supposed to fix it this morning

Diamondchainzman’s Profile PhotoPatrick Greak
I’m sorry to hear that. 😕 Hope it get’s fixed soon.

What songs hit you with a wave of nostalgia every time you hear them?

Untitled #4 Njósnavélin by Sigur Rós is from the movie soundtrack of Vanilla Sky. Every time I hear it, it makes me think about past memories in my life. Beautiful song. 🎶✨

People with Down syndrome and autism have a higher IQ than everybody else . It’s a proven fact . So if you made fun of a kid when you were in school that had Down syndrome or autism , karma gonna come back and bite you in the ass because they might be your boss one day

I have never made fun of anyone with these issues because I was born with differences as well. To assume that I’ve done that is very rude because I always give respect to anyone no matter what they look like or struggle with. We are all humans.

Can you let me know what clothes items do you purchase on the daily basis. Need some ideas for inventory.

I love jumpsuits, dresses, shirts, leggings & spring jackets. I recently just bought a cute buttoned jean jacket & a grey leopard print dress. Hope that helps. 😊 If you would like to work together send me an email. kristinaroseofficial@aol.com

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that's understandable. have you thought about using personal ads or tinder for new york? you're good looking don't you get hit on by guys or even girls?

Yes people do compliment me online. I’ve dated before on dating sites like fb dating & a few more. I quit for like a year ‘cause those I dated weren’t serious about me, playing games. So yes I do want a great relationship but haven’t found the right guy, it’s exhausting constantly trying/looking maybe the right guy will come to me suddenly. At least that’s what I hope or I’m gonna have to try again. 😅


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