Ask @Kwoopa:

I am just going around to inform everyone that SoulStreets who was bi is now anti LGBT and thinks it is ok to agree to comments that says transgender is a mental disorder it is disgusting and sickening to see a person like him because this petty.

okay, cool? how about mind your own damn business? he can believe and be whatever he wants, it's his own beliefs and preferences. am i against LGBT? no. do i care that other people aren't? no. you can't force your beliefs upon other people you know, you are the real disgusting and sickening person

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i would've stop responding if you would shut your mouth but you decide not to + you kinda unfriended me because you cant handle jokes lol

i unfriended you for a much bigger reason
you kept cracking offensive jokes that hurt my feelings, so i was looking out for myself given i was uncomfortable. the way you disrespect people is unreal, and all you ever wanna do is argue argue argue and point out everyone's flaws when you have much your own :\

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