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(Dnt answer this 1 ) i think u need to own up to who you've become and how much you've changed. Acouple years ago u were always hanging out with youtubers, and now that none of them like u, u act so different. Just because "famous" people don't like u anymore doesn't mean u need to change yourself.

"now that none of them like you” why is that always everyone’s assumption? did you ever stop to think for one second that I was the one who stepped away? that it was ME who didn’t want to continue a friendship? y'all annoying as hell lmao

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my hair is extremely similar to urs like the red head pic of u in the bikini from the back, ur curls & thickness & everything is like, exactly like mine & i need to know how getting ur hair cut short affected ur curls & if u recommend? & also any specifics on what u asked for?

i’ve had my curl pattern fucked up really bad by a lot of people. the key is going to a hair salon and asking if anyone is more experienced in cutting curly hair, and seeing their before and afters. cutting curly hair is different than straight or wavy hair.

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I really don't know what to do with my feelings and I feel like u could help me :/ So Im asexual and I thought everybody knew this but this boy keeps asking me out. I told him no and why yet he still keeps asking. What am I supposed to do? I don't want to crush his pour soul more than I already have

if he keeps asking, maybe he just genuinely wants to spend time with you! don’t crush him, but maybe plan to hang out and really try to explain to him again

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