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My family is really well off. I never tell anyone I date because I don't want them to go out because of $$. My current gf found out. Now I'm worried. How do I know the real reason she stays with me?

Since she didn't know, the real key will be her behavior. If her behavior remains the same, stay with her. If not, the money has made a difference in her feelings.

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My friends have told me my bf cheated on me. He swears he didn't and even has a video of him at a poker party at the time they said he was cheating. I don't know enough about tech to know if he can fake that. What do I do?

In this tech age, it's certainly possible. At some point you have to trust your heart. Your friends are trying to protect you. Do their facts add up? That's the question.

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We're married for 2 years. Neither set of parents speak to the other (some BS issue about our wedding). Now they're both having Christmas parties the same night at the same time. We think it's intentional. What do we do?

Either split your time, or let them no you're not coming to either. They are trying to put you both in the middle. Don't let that happen.

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