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Can a couple still work things out if both cheated on the other?

Things can always be worked out if that is the true goal of both parties. That being said, it requires an extraordinary amount of work and commitment.

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My family is really well off. I never tell anyone I date because I don't want them to go out because of $$. My current gf found out. Now I'm worried. How do I know the real reason she stays with me?

Since she didn't know, the real key will be her behavior. If her behavior remains the same, stay with her. If not, the money has made a difference in her feelings.

How do you work out a relationship with two different races and religions? I heard it's almost impossible.

It's NEVER impossible, but it is hard. Seek professional help from someone who has experience in these type of situations. I've had several similar cases, so I know how hard it is on both people when others are tugging on them.

Who gets to keep the ring if someone breaks off an engagement?

There is no one right answer. It was a gift, so most people understand that. There have been many court battles over this. Generally, it's still considered a simple gift and not an arrangement.

My grandma is an alcoholic so I'm super sensitive. My gf drinks more than I think she should. How do I approach that?

Explain your reasons honestly. Just because she drinks more than YOU think, does not make it a fact. It may be that you can't be with someone who drinks more than you should. You'll have to see what unfolds.

My bf checked me out on one of those sites that investigates people. He found nothing but this really upset me. Why didn't he trust me?

It's not that he didn't trust you, it's that he wanted to factually trust you. You should do the same. In this day and age, it never hurts to have as much information as possible in relationships.

I told this girl she had nice legs because she was an athlete. She reported me for harassment. I thought I was being nice. ???

Unfortunately, the world has become so polarized, you can no longer make certain comments, even if the intent was innocent. Your comment could, with certain people, be thought of as a gender-related microaggression.

My husband thinks anything about the kids is my responsibility since I'm the mother. I'm furious. What do other women do?

WTF? Is he living in the 1950's? You need to start setting boundaries. Let him do his own laundry, make his own meals, etc. Basically, go on strike with EVERYTHING.

My gf's family treats her like crap. I'd like to go off on them. Do I step in and defend her?

If she can't do it herself, do it together. Don't do it alone. You won't get anywhere.

Our son is 16. He wants to get his gf a Christmas gift. He wants us to pay for it. We don't care for her. What do we do?

It doesn't make any difference whether or not you like her. You should not have to pay for his gift. He's old enough to take responsibility but evidently not mature enough. This should be a lesson for him.

How do I get my bf to have better manners? As an example, he says it shouldn't make a difference which fork he uses.

He doesn't understand the image he's creating, and does not recognize the potential negative effect it could have on many aspects of his life.

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