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My mother and father are probably going to get a divorce. They both want me to live with them. I love both of them very much and it hurts me. I don’t know what to do or say. I can’t believe this is happening. It’s like I’m some kind of prize in their little game.

The best advice I can give you is to ask them to sit down with you because you want to talk to both of them at the same time. Once you have them there, you should say exactly what you say here in your question. Explain to them how what they are doing makes you feel. Tell them you need them to stop putting you in the middle.

There’s this unbelievable girl in my math class. I know she’s not going with anybody. I think guys are just really intimidate. She’s like perfect. What’s the downside of asking her out? I’m really nervous and scared but I would just love to go out with her.

If you can handle possibly being rejected, there really is no downside. Why not give it a try? You may find that she is happy to go out with you. It is all part of dating.

My friend told me my bf is going to get me this gift for Christmas. I don’t know how to handle it. I’m so mad at her for telling me I feel like telling my bf. I think he should know what she did but I don’t want to ruin his surprise. What should I do?

It really depends on what is most important to you. Is it more important to have your boyfriend happy, or is it more important to get revenge against her? If you are asking me, I say keep him happy.

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I'm 15F and have a gf and i want to be able to be open about our relationship even though its long distance. How can i come out of the closet without my parents freaking out?

I don't know your parents, so it's hard to be specific. The best advice would be to talk to someone at a local LGBT support group. They will have gone through it and be in the best position to help you.

Me and my hubby are both mid 20’s. Here’s MY problem. He looks at other women. He tells me that just because we are married, it doesn’t make him blind. He’s never done anything to make me doubt him, but this bugs me. He says I’m being absurd. What do other women do?

It's you that has a problem. He's with you, so that should say it all. A person can be married and still appreciate beauty. As he's said, he's no blind.

I’m in love with this girl in my math class. We are both juniors. I really want to go out with her but I’m scared. I need a good line. Does everyone else get this nervous?

Last question first. Everyone gets nervous. Just be friendly. You don't need a line, and most of the time it doesn't work anyway.

I heard that if you aren’t engaged for at least a year it increases the odds of a divorce. Is that true? We have been engage for 9 months and want to push the date for the wedding up.

Not true. It's different for each couple. There are no studies showing a specific time for engagement. When you are ready, you'll know it.

I love going out with males and females. Not sure if this makes me bi. When will I know and does that matter? I’m only 19 so I guess I have time to figure it out.

You are experimenting with your sexuality. It really doesn't mean anything at this point. Give it some time. If it turns out you really are bi, accept it as who you are.

Are there any drugs that can make sex even better? I heard that there are but IDK.

When intimate partners are experienced, there's usually no need for drugs. Some say stimulants enhance the experience, but that can be deadly.

My parents, especially my father, are really strict about dating. I’m 16. They say before some guy takes me out they have to meet him. I think this is embarrassing. I don’t understand them. I’ve been thinking about just sneaking out but IDK. ??

Your parents love you and want to protect you. There should be nothing embarrassing about meeting your parents. It should actually make you feel more comfortable.

I gotta kinda drunk at this party and got in a beer wet tee shirt contest. Now they posted pics of me. I’m pissed at my friends and feel like calling them out but maybe it would make it worse. I think it’s bullying. Should I?

The person you should be pissed at is YOU! Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are foolish and make bad decisions.

Me and my gf are living together. We decided to open a joint bank account. I just found out she drained it. I’m more than pissed. She said she was sorry and it won’t happen again. I don’t know what to think anymore.

What you need to think is that you need to go back to separate accounts. Her pattern will continue until she faces consequences

I am happily married. The problem is that I fell for another father of a soccer player on our son’s team. My husband does not know. We have actually gone out with the other couple. I feel awful but I’m not willing to ruin either of our marriages. I’m worried about my hubby finding out.

First, address this. You are NOT happily married otherwise this would not happen. The best thing is for the two of you to cut it off completely. Honesty is not always the best because of the damage that can be done. There is no way to know if you’ve been foolish enough to put anything in a text or email because if you have, there’s always a chance it can be discovered. You need to put all your efforts into your marriage. You have no control over what the other guy (or his wife) will do or say..

I am in love with my coach. I’m an 18 yo senior female and he’s 23. I’ve been on the softball team for a month and can’t stop thinking of him. I’m not sure if I should pursue this. I’m 18 so can I date him?

If you really have feelings for him, leave him alone. If anything happens between you, he could get in serious trouble. If he has a teaching credential, he could lose it It is not unusual for fall for a coach, but the coach should keep the boundaries clear.

I don’t know what to do to help my gf. Every month she goes way beyond PMS and gets bat shit crazy. After a few days she goes through a deep depression for a bit and apologizes but it just repeats. How can I help her?

Your gf may be suffering from PMDD, Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder. This is like PMS on steroids and not funny. There is nothing you can do directly other than to convince her to talk with her GYN.

Me and this other guy have been involved for about four months. We really love each other but are worried about coming out to our families. I think his family would be startled but somewhat accepting but I’m worried about mine. We don’t know if we should take a chance right now.

If you are anywhere near a large city, there will be an LGBTQ support group. They will be the best source to help you. It’s hard to tell you what to do without knowing your families and cultures. Sometimes parents are much more accepting than you would think, but other times not so much. It’s always a difficult decision as to when and how to come out. In the meantime, both of you should just go to family events together to test the “water.”

I’m dating this guy who is from a different culture. We get along great. The problem is his parents. They treat me like I’m less than. My guy says to just give them time, but it really upsets me. They talk a different language when I’m around knowing that I won’t understand. Do I say something?

The guy may be right. Give it a little bit of time to see if they warm up. If not, you’ll have to explain to him that you are not willing to be made that uncomfortable even though it’s not him.. You might go out with him but not go to his family events. It really depends on how much effort you want to invest in the relationship.

I went out with this guy that I met online. Here’s the problem. His online photo is about 10 years old, so he looks a lot older. Now I don’t know if I can trust him. He says he did not have a recent photo and just left the one he has had for a long time. That doesn’t sound right. What next?

First, his excuse is B.S. If he really wanted to, all he would have to do is take a selfie. Many people wish they looked younger but are not deceitful about it. If everything else is ok and it’s just the pic, I would just smile, which let’s him know you’re not one to be bullshitted. Give him a chance, and maybe all will be ok, but if he does anything else untrustworthy, dump him.

Me and my bf are in AP history together. There’s no problem except for the teacher. He thinks it’s funny that he makes comments about our relationship. It’s embarrassing and neither of us appreciate it. I’m worried about going to a counselor because I don’t want him to mess with our grades.

Absolutely you should go to your counselor — with a written letter about what has happened so that it’s well documented. Your teacher has issues that only the administration should address. You will be protected by having it in writing because if he tries to use it against you in his grading, you can take that to the principal and the board. You do not have to take this harassment.

I have explained a bunch of times why I don’t like my gf to post pics of us. I think it’s a privacy and security issue. She doesn’t get it. I’m losing my patience. Do I just break it off? She’s not respecting what I want.

If she keeps doing this, then why do you keep taking pics? You know what she’s going to do with them. The bigger issue is she is not respecting your request. The pics are of both of you, and it should be that both of you agree to post them, or they don’t get posted. Unfortunately, this is a snapshot of what the future of your relationship may look like.

Me and my bf have been dating for about 6 months. Here’s the problem. He is a health food nut. He measures and counts everything. I don’t. He insists that I do it to if we are to stay together. I love him IDK if I can take this. Any suggestions?

Your bf wants both of you to be healthy, even if it's a bit overboard. My suggestion is to try going with it.

My older sis (she’s 27) keeps telling me how to handle our 2 yo. I look up to her but I’m tired of hearing advice from someone who doesn’t have kids. My hubby says I should just tell her to STFU. I don’t want to ruin our relationship. How do I tell her to stop that she’ll listen to?

Tell her that you realize she is trying to help, but you would very much appreciate it if the advice would stop. Explain that it's interfering in the relationship and could she please stop. She has got to respect your wishes since it's your child.

I am dating my history teacher’s daughter and my gf is in my mom’s chem class. And now our 2 single parents started dating. WTF? How do we explain this to other students on campus? The gossip is getting out of hand.

You don't need to explain anything. Just smile!!

When is your app, Love Shopping List, coming out on Android? I really want to use it with a friend who is making bad decisions.

Trust me, we are working fast and furiously. As soon as we know, we'll notify everyone. We are guessing it will be within 4-6 months. Thanks for asking.

My parents don’t want me dating this girl because she has a nose ring. She is an A student and active in student government. I’ve tried to explain this to them but they won’t listen. I really like her and she likes me but my parents are making this really hard. What do you think we should do?

Some people are really adverse to any kind of body rings or piercings. Maybe after you go out, you could introduce her to your parents and have them talk with her to see who she really is. Maybe ask this girl to remove the ring the first time she sits down with them.


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