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Why do women always think its the guys who should make plans and pay for dates?

think that is a bit of a generalization, but it is the traditional view. Of course, in 2015 it’s fine for either party to offer. I often tell women that one of the best ways to interest a guy is to make the plans. It shows initiative and takes some of the pressure off.

My online relationship of 6 months didn’t turn out exactly good in person. Now what do I do?

Many online beginnings don’t turn out the way it first looked. You have to be honest with yourself and honest with the other person. Breaking up is difficult whether it’s in person or online. Just be respectful and not accusatory.

How do we put a limit on our future daughter in law’s spending for the wedding without creating WWIII?

This question comes up quite often. You will have to sit down with both of them and set some limits, otherwise things will only get more out of hand. You sound like you are intimidated by her, which is not a good thing. Simply say, “This is what we are prepared to spend for the wedding.”

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My girlfriend admits that she unintentionally flirts with one of my friends but she wants to keep dating. However I lost a good amount of trust. What should I do?

If her behavior changes now that she has acknowledged it, you don't have to worry. If it does not, then your trust issues become real, and you will have some important decisions to make.

Okay so, I have been depressed for a while and I feel so worthless and unworthy of life and I started cutting myself and now I just don't know what to do.?

Do urslf a big favor. Love urslf enough to get professional help

What makes a guy get interested in a girl?

Depends on the guy. A quality guy looks for a quality girl, but a sleez looks for a quickie

Are there any really good ways to tell if somebody is right for you? I got burned in my last relationship and never want to go through that again. It felt like somebody knocked the wind out of me for a week.

Try our app, Love Shopping List. It will help you sort out your relationship priorities. It’s not a guarantee against getting burned, but it will increase the chances of getting it

Me and this guy are both going to be seniors. We’ve been hanging out. Here’s the problem. My friends don’t like him and his friends don’t like me. We joke about that it means we really should be together but we can’t figure out what the deal is. Should we worry about this?

If the two of you are happy, that’s really all that should matter. Your friends will just have to get used to it. I will say it is interesting that both sets of friends have the same reactions. It’s probably because they don’t expect either of you to date the type of people you are.

Our parents have had this rule of not dating before 16. I’m 17 and my kid sister is 15.. She has been sneaking out. I’ve tried to talk with her but she doesn’t listen. Do I tell my parents? I know she would be upset but I feel like she’s going down the wrong path.

This is a tough call because sisters are supposed to have each other’s backs. However, if she is making poor decisions, a really good sister does whatever she can to protect her, even if that means she’ll be upset for awhile.

Our daughter keeps making the same mistakes in relationships (she’s 22 and on her fourth serious relationship with losers). What can we say or do to help her? It seems the only thing that happens when we try to talk with her is she gets mad.

As I have mentioned before, our app, Love Shopping List (and book by the same name), is designed to help in situations just like this. It doesn’t sound like your way is working, so just tell her you found this relationship app, but say no more.

My bf of two years was killed in an auto accident. I really miss him but I don’t want to be alone. I waited 3 months before even thinking about dating again. I’ve mentioned going out to my friends but they say it’s not right since it’s so soon. Is there some kind of waiting period?

There is not really a defined waiting period, but most people think somewhere between 6-12 months is reasonable. Personally, I think it’s up to the individual, and others should not judge.

Ok, this is weird. Me and my gf went out with this other couple. I had more fun with the other woman and my gf had more fun with the other man. I’m not sure how the other couple feels but clearly they were having fun too. What’s up with that??

It wouldn’t be the first time. There was even a movie about it – Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice. Whatever floats your boat among consenting adults.

My parents think it’s okay to just drop in on me and my bf. We have been living together for almost two years. He really likes them but I think it is disrespectful. What can I say to them without hurting their feelings?

The two of you need to sit down with your parents and gently explain that while you both feel close to them, it would be most appreciated if they would respect your privacy in the same way you respect theirs. If that doesn’t work, greet them at the door nude, and maybe they’ll get the point.

I’ve been married to a beautiful woman for two years but lately I have found myself attracted to a man at work. I’ve never had these feelings. Do you think it would be okay to see if this is really me? I would never want to hurt my wife by telling her first.

Basically, you are asking me for permission to cheat on your wife. The gender really doesn’t make a difference. Being intimate with someone else behind another’s back is never good. I believe you need to sit down with your wife and a therapist to figure it out

Signs that say you aren't ready for a relationship? I'm 16 years old and I consider myself as an easily jealous type of guy. Should I even consider dating if that's the case?

I think before you start dating, you need to examine why you so easily get jealous. Once you explore that, you will probably have the answer to your question.

I'm doing long distance with my girlfriend and she is a really friendly person and sometimes flirts without noticing. My friends back at home have been telling me she's flirting with one of my classmates. Should I break it off even if it's unintentional?

How about discussing your concerns with your gf? It could be that your friends are being over-protective, or it could be that she is doing what they say. Either way it’s second-hand information. That’s never good for a relationship.

I've been dating this girl for 7 months before I left for school in another country and we began a long distance relationship. We've been together for 1 year and 3 months. But for the past two months she's been making the relationship feel like it's one sided. Should I worry?

The reality is that anytime there is a long distance relationship, there is the possibility that the other person may either lose interest and/or find someone else closer. It’s part of the risks. Rather than worry, which won’t be productive, try discussing it honestly.

I don’t understand how an app can make a decision about love.

Our app, Love Shopping List, does not make the decision. You do. All our app does is give you a tool so that you can take a realistic look at what you would like a relationship to be like and then compare it to whatever relationship you are in or want to be in. That’s the power of the app. You are always in charge.

I would like to have sex with this guy but my religion tells me I will go to hell if I do that before I’m married. I’m very confused about what to do. I already know what my parents and priest would say, so I can’t ask them. My social circle is all virgins so I can’t talk to them either.

It doesn’t sound like you’re asking for advice. It sound like you’re asking for permission. That’s not my function. You are going to have to do some soul searching and make a decision for yourself. Having sex, being intimate with someone, should not be taken lightly. You are going to have to balance your belief system with your needs, and only you can then determine what is best for you.

I’m in a relationship with another female. We both feel committed to each other. There’s a guy that keeps hitting on her and she doesn’t know what to do. I don’t think anybody at school really knows about us and we’re not sure about coming out yet. We need some suggestions.

It doesn’t make any difference who the partners are. She should just say, " thank you for the attention, but no thank you. I am in a committed relationship already.” It’s nobody’s business who is in the relationship. The two of you can come out when you are ready and should never feel pressured to do so.

He is going to tell her what we are planning and I don’t think he should. I don’t want to hear anything about it from her. How do I handle this?

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My husband and me want to start a family. The problem is his mother. She has to tell us what to do about everything and she has an opinion about everything. The woman doesn’t shut up. My husband feels the same way but he won’t confront her.

Your husband needs to grow a pair. I’m guessing his mother’s controlling nature is something he grew up with and never confronted. The two of you should sit down together with her and explain that, while you appreciate her concern, you do not appreciate her meddling in something as intimate as when to start a family. She’ll probably get mad, but too bad. Set the boundaries very clearly.

My kid sister is only 10 months younger than me so we kind of have the same social circle. When guys pay attention to me she tries to get more attention and then makes all the conversation about her. Everybody just rolls their eyes and she is clueless. How do I get her to realize why the guys are

All you can do is to tell her the reality of what is happening. One of these days one of the guys is going to say something to her directly, and then maybe she’ll get the message. Unfortunately, she will be very hurt. Keep talking with her, but no in anger. That will just cause her not to listen to you.


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