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What's the worst thing you have ever done?

well, as a big brother to a way younger sibling, you tend to mess with them sometimes for fun. i don't know if it's the worst but one time i tricked my little sister that there was a SERIAL KILLER that is after her. we just finished watching this slasher film. so i had this terrible idea.. i changed my number on her phone so i can use my real number as anonymous and text her some death threats. so i keep texting her and she didn't reply and i saw her face and she was scared AF. she was like just 10 years old and she was so scared for a whole day. and before going to bed i saw that she couldn't sleep. she was afraid to tell my parents 'cause i texted her that "if you tell anyone about this i will kill you and i know where you are and i can see you!" so i finally felt bad and told her that i was just messin' with her and she was so mad at me that she didn't really talk to me for like 2 days. haha. i was a terrible brother back then. :)) -Jack(ass)

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when was the last time u cried?

i don't remember the last time i REALLY cried. but i teared up few times recently because of some movies/TV series i've watched. but i do remember when i watched Toy Story 3, during the whole movie i was just so emotional 'cause Andy really reminded me of myself and at that time i was also in college. and i had a lot of toys when i was a kid and i still have them now in my room and it was just so nostalgic. i remembered all the things that happened in the past and now i've grown up to be this person. i just saw myself as Andy even when i was a younger watching the first Toy Story movie. i can't really put it on exact words. but yeah. i really cried. and after the movie i remembered rushing to get home so that no one could see me get so emotional and i just went to my room looked at my old toys and cried like a little girl. :)) -Jack (really felt good sharing that and now you probably think i'm gay...)
wow. i don't know how to top Jack's story. haha. but i'm gonna keep mine short. the last time i cried was when i watched the last episode of How I Met Your Mother. that's it. :)) -Jill

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