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What is your least favorite food?

Minty things are disgusting like mint ice-cream or breath mints. They're just TOO minty for me

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What is the least stressful job you can think of?

Anything you love to do. Or anything that gives you the creative lease to pick a topic. For example in 6th grade we had to write a procedure. (the kind of writing style cookbooks use) The theme was 10 steps to the perfect crime (following on our forensic science unit). I just started getting into FOB at the time so I chose a crime in a scenario that corresponded to a FOB thing.
You know what this equals:
"Dance, Dance Your Way To Antlers"
Yes, that was the procedure I wrote it was about stealing the antlers off of the sets of FOB music videos.
I included two ways to do said thing, with pictures ( we only needed one, no pictures)
A tittle page (with pictures)
a whole bio book on all FOB members and music videos (with pictures and interesting facts that was completely irrelevant to the assignment)
^^^ also had a title page just like the other one.
I went above and beyond quota having the most fun I've had in a while. You know why? I made it into the least stressful job.
So my advice is: go pick an interesting job and make it fun!

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