Ask @Lailemah2:

Do you think CR7 is better thn Messi ???

I think...that im better then both of them...seriously..😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Post something Cute (STAIF)

Zuhair Afridi love😍😍😍

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One line for the person you hate? 😂

I Hate uh...😂😂😂😂

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Which song is currently your favorite ? 🌼


Best moment of life?🤔

Abdullah Nadeem (DULLA)
This👇🏽👇🏽...will be

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Dp 👌🏼👌🏼😁

Zuhair Afridi

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you are too sweet tbh

Zuhair Afridi
Aaa...feeling like a true human being☺

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You love those who ____ ? 🙄😏

Who..never lie's who are not selfish...😉 n those who likes to go outside for enjoyment every day😂😂..

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Friend define it in one word ??


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Random Thoughts?(STAIF)

Zuhair Afridi
Monday...aur sunday kay beech may..fasla zyada bii hay..poray 6din dorr...aur kareeb bi hay aik sun kay baad ajeeb hay😕...aur ask pay keyboard may tadad kaam ku ho jati hay.😂😂..

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Name the song title that best describes your life.🎵

A.. Song no ..way my life is written by Allah...who can describe it...only him...☺😇

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Ap k/ki dost ne apka kitna udhar wapis krna?

Udhar...tho may nay wapis karna hay..aik ka 20 ruppay..aur aik ka 10rupay...aur..2000😂😂😂..bahan ka....ab koi deta bi nahi😂😂😂...

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Kabhi kabhi dil karta hy k________ ? 🌱🐦

Zorain Khan
Kay...Dil..dil Pakistan...
Dil..dil Pakistan.. May nay likha hota..😂😂😆..

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Kb sikha rhi ho phr pushto? 😂

Chalo...sika hii dety hay..jab ksi larky ko bulana ho tho..kahna "mayloo"...pronounce it like that...mayy+looooo got it..?..☺
Sab pathano ko ask pay ye kaho👉(mayloo) ye test hay app ka next word kay liye..☺☺☺..par srif larko ko kaho..🙋

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The quickest way to become a millionaire ¿

Nawaz shareef😅...ko mar day aur khud maryum nawaz kay abu ban jaye plastic surgery kar kay....😂😂😂ya Bank...may daka mar lay...simple is that😉...

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Post some potery ❤


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follow back


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RoOhi çok güzel
The month....of Suffer has begun Huzoor (S.A.W.W)...said that
"Maximum calamities and troubles come down"
For hifaxat...plz pray "YA BASITU"
11 timez...after every namaz😊😊..

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If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be????

To be.... muslim😇...
Follower..of Prophet (S.A.W)..😇
Never...want to lose memory🙇...
My..self respect☺...😂😂😂😂..

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Pap some thing funny


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Any Confession? 😋

Me: Men of this socitey...being powerfull are not punished😣
Time...passes away...n i came to knw..
Allah ka insaf bolta hay..tho Insan ki kya majal..Aisy moun kay bal girata hay...kay hiran kar dita hay..
Me:.SubahAllah😍😍...n Astaghfirullah..😭😭

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Proud Muslim proud Pakistani future Dr of optometry nature lover humanity 10th of May iz my day..
I m me...n me is awesome