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What are your thoughts on Daniel Bryan and the reactions he's been getting over the past number of months compared to John Cena and the ever increasing boo's that follow him and do you think his momentum will lead to a WWE title reign that is more than an opportunity for Orton to cash in?

At the risk of quoting the guy about whom you're asking... YES! YES! YES! Cena used to get what was generously called a "mixed" reaction, but now we have a guy who faked a retirement getting cheered over him. After eight consistent years on top, they need a new star. I really hope Daniel Bryan gets a legitimate reign, not one ended by a guy who's already been on top for years. After all this buildup and the consistently amazing reactions he gets, I want to see him succeed, and I want to see how over he is capitalized on.

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How often do you buy things via the Internet?

I try not to when possible. If I can help someone keep a job, I do my best.

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