Ask @Larebyousfani:

Anything u want to confess ? 🙂

You laughed so much today. You insisted your mother to want to sleep with her. But at 2 am in the night. It hits you hard. Your pain. And you lie there, staring at the ceiling, listening to your favorite song in a deafening volume, shedding tears like someone died, trying to suppress your voice so it doesn't wake your mother up. Where has this damn life brought you? You can't wake your mother up and cry a little harder in her lap. That's the exact moment you realize. You've grown up.

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If you read this, i want you to be happy no matter what.No matter what difficult phase of life you're going through, just stay happy , don't give up, indeed this too shall pass.You're brave, you're doing great. I hope this heals as much possible. ♥♥♥☺ :* Rmr this anon in your prayers Say JazakAllah

U unknown make my mood better than before.. Thanku❤️

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I see you everynight in my dreams oo baby I love you,more than you,you just dont know oo baby You are my heartbeat♥️,you are my sunshine. You are the light of my darkness,you are my lifeline now . I wish that my feelings would reach you someday.

I wish kisi ki real feelings hotien😂 but lol its just a shootout😅😅

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