Ask @LaughingBoffin:

How is Greg Johnson not a Nazi? He wants to conduct a pogrom against Jews and expel them from America. This was the Final Solution, wasn't it?

GJ is not right wing. i don't care about him, really.

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What do you think Mark Citadel is afraid of?

I have no Idea.. Is he afraid by doing that?
I think he lives in the UK atm, so maybe he is little bit afraid of the goverment busting in his doors for wrongthink?
I have no idea. But setting his blog to private is really annoying, that's for sure. Isn't the whole point of running a blog, making it public and let everyone read what one is thinking about different topics?

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Mark Citadel has disabled his account, did you know that?

No I did not.
So what if he did?
He also blocked his blog, so only people which he approves can read it, which is pretty annoying tbh...

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