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Is it so hard to find a relationship where the other person actually respects and appreciates you ?

MartinWhh’s Profile PhotoMartinWhh
Definitely in this day and age! Basic respect and loyalty is just brushed under the carpet under lies, manipulation and disrespect! ... What a sad world we live in! 😔🌸

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🧐 Your child comes home having failed a class.Are you angry with the teacher or disappointed with your child?

As someone who was completely missed all through school and then diagnosed late (at college) with being mildly dyslexic and having Dyscalculia, there's a high chance I'm more inclined to believe that the education system is at fault. Teachers are not being trained properly about learning difficulties or disabilities to know how to help or support, and so the ignorance of failing to acknowledge that a child has disabilities or difficulties early on stays with that individual for the rest of their life!
Talking from experience, I still have certain feelings and emotions towards my own education experiences and how I was seen academically as well as personally. It messes with you and I hate to think there are other people out there going through the same, being let down when it's not their fault.👌🌸

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If you worked in a care job, what kind of people do you think you'd be best at looking after? For example, The elderly, children, those with disabilities, animals etc

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I've worked in a care home and also had a few residents with disabilities but haven't had a job involving childcare. I've been told that I'd suit those kind of jobs.
I've actually been thinking about going back to care maybe at some point, I enjoyed working in the care home. 😌🌸

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If you found out that your child was going to be born mentally or physically disabled, would you still have the child?

Yes, absolutely!! 🌸

I had the cervical screening invitation in the post and I'm only 24 and I turn 25 in September, my mum just booked me in to have it done. I'm not 25 yet do you have to wait until you are 25?

No you can get the screening before being 25, sometimes doctors recommend for medical reasons but 25 is currently the age of asking females to go and get checked. 🌸


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