Latest answers can you plz tell its what fandom episode ?

What are your favourite songs at the moment?

Run Up by major Lazer
Scared to be lonely by Martin garrix
Smooth criminal by Michael Jackson

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what was the last coloring you made?

I'm so sorry for answering this so late, but I haven't made any colourings 'till today. I still don't know how I'm going to name it and if I'm going to share it haha!

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Would you like to get a piercing? How many? PAP if you have one already!

I don't know if you can count this as a piercing, look at the picture. I have no idea if I would more, I think I should talk about it with my parents, but I like my appearence right now so x)

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Oh yeah right, I totally forgot about this project. I have no idea when I'm going to finish it, 'cause I want this video to be good, like perfect. I'm using After Effect and Photoshop for it, so yeah it's time consuming, but oh well, I'll finish it.. One day. 😋

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What is the best way to relax you?

Chocolate, I guess? 🍫

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What are you favorite singers right now?

At the moment I'm crushing over NF, G-Eazy, Chase Atlantic, The Neighbourhood and 11:11. 💕

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Do you have a link to download Photoshop

I had, but it has been removed due to copyright issues.

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Game Day #17: Get to know the vidder game! More here: have fun ^^

Editing Fun Zone

▪️ What is your name?
Laure, but everyone calls me Loor.

▪️ Where are you from?
Belgium babyyy! 🇧🇪

▪️ When is your birthday?
17th june!

▪️ Favorite swear word?
ehh drittsekk?

▪️ Are you a gossip?
That's a secret I'll never tell. 🙊

▪️ Biggest turn on?
Beautiful smile and a sense of humor. 💕

▪️ What color are your eyes?
Green ;).

▪️ Do you have a strong accent?
Everyone says I have a strong Brittish accent when I talk English, but I never noticed it so x)

▪️ Favorite food?
Ehh.. All.. Food? Duhhh

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do you have any solution for the dynamic link error in Photoshop, please i need your help.

What's 'the dynamic link error'? I don't know what you're talking about, I'm sorry.

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Question Day #17: Who is/are your favorite vidder/s? Why them? What are your fav videos made by them?

Editing Fun Zone

@xdancingfirex I mean, should I even say more? She stays true to herself when it's about vidding. She has her own style of vidding which is amazing by the way. I enjoy all her videos, I could list them all below, or you could check her channel out, you definitely should!

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what books are you currently reading and what books do you want to read?

Currently reading: The Girl On The Train, I Am Number Four, One Day
Want to read: look at my list Goodreads

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I don't like the way you are

It's alright, I guess? I like myself.

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What is the best way to fix a broken heart?

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

haven't insulted anyone today, yay

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screen what you are editing right now please

I don't think i'll finish this soon, but anyway..

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screen of projects please

"I'm gonna do what I do best, I'm gonna hunt."

may finish this tonight

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What Tv Shows do you watch, can you list all please please?

Teen Wolf • S06E04
The Vampire Diaries • S07E22
Faking It • S02E06
Glee • S03E04
Gossip Girl • S06E04
Gotham • S01E02
Hit The Floor • S03E02
Jane The Virgin • S03E01
Jessica Jones • S01E02
Orphan Black • S02E4
Pretty Little Liars • S06E10
Prison Break • S04E03
Scream • S02E12
Shadowhunters • S02E03
Shooter • S01E05
Skam • S03E02
The Client List • S02E15
Harper's Island • S01E13
The Walking Dead • S03E12
Arrow • S03E23
The Originals • S02E02
New Girl • S03E03
From Dusk Till Dawn • S01E10
Travellers • S01E02
The Secret Life of An American Teenager • S02E05
Skins • S02E10
Containment • S01E03
The Royals • S02E07

That is all I can remember! ;)

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you and your squad are squadgoals omggg

Aww thank you! It's so sweet! <3

View more ok thank you can you know what the name of the girl ? please

ashley benson

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Question Day #14: What is your next video going to be about?

Editing Fun Zone

A collab actually, can't say more

View more can you please tell what the fandom is ?

not my part

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