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What do you like most about guys? ;)

I like a genuine, nice personality and someone who can make me laugh! Brownie points for stubble and being talkative!

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Underwear lines aren't cool ...

Well I know that, that's why I tend not to wear big underwear! Unfortunately you can always hide vpl!

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Why do u wear tight dresses with big underwear?

Tbh, I don't always so...

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do you like to sit on a guy you like's face?

tieing a guy down?


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so what type of things are you into?

All sorts. Try me!

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they'd never like me :(

You can't say that unless you show who you are!

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you're like the perfect woman!

Aww! Thank you - I don't agree but thanks :)

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a few girls? any single ones? :p haha

Haha, Erm I think a few are single, but you'd have to reveal who you are ;)

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are you a dominatrix?

Oh god no! Just into a bit of playful bondage, S&M

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glad to find 1 girl that does, everyone free to do what they feel :)

Exactly! Although I do know a few girls who like that position...

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hmm a right kinky thing aren't you :p (not a bad thing) ;)

Tell me something I don't know! ;)

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so you do like doggy?


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why don't girls like doggy style?

I can't answer this seeing as I have an opposing view!

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are you into the tieing a lover down thing?

Yes. I won't lie haha!

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awww boys ticklish soles! As long as he has cute feet ye? as in totally clean, smooth, no hair, arched and NARROW?!

I hate feet. No feet are cute!

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Do you like being tickled

Not really if I'm honest!

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Would you tie a guy down and tickle him if you knew his most ticklish spots?

Haha, for giggles yes!

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Are your inner thighs ticklish also?

A little bit

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What did you wear today?

I wore a white dress with a mesh panel with cream shoes :)

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well i ain't tickling your armpits, they probably reek :p

Hahaha, funny :P

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NTU student. Journalist. Blogger. And when I'm not doing that, I'm probably drinking tea.

Belper, Derbyshire