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i need someone to share my problems. its okay if u cant help. pls just listen to it. i dont have anyone else to share it to. it hurts siaaaaaaa the longer i keep it to myself. i cant even stop thinking about it.

Dm me :) I don’t mind hearing u out

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I've been in love with my neighbour and the saddest part is he don't even know that im exist. its been 2 years since i have this feelings and it remains the same until now. ive done so much to make him noticed me but...... what should i do? i don't want him to see me as a desperate woman.

Don’t do anything. True loves comes unexpectedly. Don’t think too much. If he doesn’t notice you, his lost
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What do you think about adults who order themselves a kid's meal?

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Well I think it's cool . They just want to feel young again 😉 got yo back adults

Do we become happy only when we meet the one we love?

Yes you do . But don't be too happy and never depends your happiness on someone you love


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