EXO bias list?

1. Minseok
2. Jongdae
3. Kyungsoo
4. Chanyeol (during Showtime, Chanyeol was at the 3rd place)
5. Sehun
6. Yixing
7. Kris
8. Jongin
8. Tao
8. Luhan
11. Junmyeon
12. Baekhyun

Latest answers from Alisa

How are you doing these days akak? I miss your PMs btw, aha :))

Awwh, I miss you too! :'((
I'm doing fine nowadays. The amount of assignment, tests and presentations increases each week, but what do we expect from uni anyways haha. Even right now I need to do research for two pieces of assignment zzz. Essay-like assignment, with 2000-words minimum requirement for each.
I hope you're doing fine, love! <3 In Shaa Allah I'll find the right time to reply to you. I miss talking to you too :'(

Do you ship Xiumin/D.O? Cause your dp...

Lol noo. I only see their friendship as pure bromance, that's all. Both members are my favourites btw :)

akak c: my trial is next week so I'll be disappearing for awhile. Aha. XD Hope you'll get the hang of your new schedule. hwaiting, neh? :)

In Shaa Allah. Good luck with your trial! <3

Is there anything that you regret these days?

Not being able to find the time to reply to AFF users'--or more specifically, my AFF dongsaeng's--PMs :( I'm still adjusting myself with the university routine.

Eh, camne boleh send ayat x abes tu... Jsyk sy bukan kena bunuh ke apa time tgh taip tadi. Xtau pesal jd gitu haha

"kena bunuh" haha alahaii awak ni xD
Saya rasa awak langgar word limit dalam ask awak yg sebelum ni, sebab tu jadi macamtu. But it's okay, saya masih faham apa yang awak maksudkan ;)

So far x penah lg minta review mana2 since sy pn br je start menulis ff. Tp sy suka baca review2 awak, best. Wise, membantu, insightful, nmpk sgt awak mpunyai kefahamn yg baik in the art of storytelling, compared to a lot of people on aff. Keep up the good work. Sooner or later sy musti request revi

Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih atas feedbacknya :) Ni yang jadi pembakar semangat utk buat review nih! haha. Jangan segan2 minta request dari saya, In Shaa Allah saya dapat membantu dgn semampunya :D

O.O You did not just list down Azalea's Moments /gapes/ /cries tears of happiness/ - Azalea :)

Oh yes I did :D

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