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What's the best dating advice you have?

Date your best friend. The one who understands you inside and outside.

Aww :( but yeah, you're right. I'm still feeling a bit dejected that you didn't want to tell me your age, but I understand your pov. Thank you for answering my asks~ :)

Omg no anon pls don't feel dejected T.T you aren't the only one who I refused to tell my age. A lot have asked me the same question but I did the same thing like what I did to your question.
No, thank /you/ for understanding! <3

Alisa follow me back~ annoying hotLover5 on here XD

daisy_alynna5’s Profile PhotoAlynna
Alynn, hi! Alright, I've followed you back ;) but why are you calling yourself annoying? xD You never annoyed me before though? Haha.

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Dang it. I'm caught. I wonder why though, they can't be possibly afraid of you...right? >.<

Nyehehe I'm sharp, am I not? ;)
Afraid of me or not is not the question. Most of them (the 'friends' on aff) are Malay. I always have the feeling that they only sent friend requests to me after finding out that I was Malay and I write Malay ffs, without any future plans of talking with me :(
But that doesn't mean I'm /that/ desperate in finding friends on aff xD Actually I prefer having 0 'friends' (by 'friends' I mean the number of friends that is stated on our profile page) but plenty of ppl to talk to comfortably. I actually have this weird insecurity of not wanting my friends know that I'm online, lmao.
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How many friends do you actually have on aff?

Little to none. I have 26 'friends' on AFF, but none actually talk with me T.T why did they even send friend requests for at the first place? :( Anyway, as for now, I only talk to one person on daily basis (and I think this person is the one who sent me this ask //smiles slyly at youuu//). I have some other ppl too whom I converse with occasionally, 2 of them, at most.
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Alright, I take the middle number, 21.

I was, and still am, firm, when I said I didn't want to reveal my age, so I won't be telling you whether you've guessed it right or wrong. I have given you three choices, so there's 1/3 possibility that you're correct. Still a large portion, isn't it? Plus, don't those three numbers already indicate the age range that I'm in? ;)

erm.. 20?

oh, are you the how-old-are-you anon?
hmm //smiles innocently at you// maybe you're correct maybe you're not :}

What was the last song that you listened to? Quote your favorite line from the song.

Naughty Hands by SISTAR ft. Verbal Jint.
Fav line: "Oops, I thought it was a green light."
simply because that's the only line that I understand ^.^" but I've seen the lyrics for the whole song and I'm loving it <3

Why don't you accept friend request on aff ?

umm, I'm pretty sure I've explained this in the Personal Message section on my profile.

By any chance, do you listen to J-pop?

I don't listen to J-pop but I used to watch anime. There were some songs that I really love and still listen to up until today.
Konna ni Chikaku de by Crystal Kay (from Nodame Cantabile),
Kimi ni Todoke,
Medaka ga Mita Niji by Takada Kozue (Big Windup!),
Arigatou by Sunset Swish (also from Big Windup!),
Merry-Go-Round by Tsuioku (Fairy Tail),
Sunshine by Monkey Magik,
Sunday by the Babystars (Yakitate! Japan),
and most opening and ending songs for Bleach. They sounded great!

sebagai seorg reviewer, apa yg selalu awk pegang semasa membuat atau menulis review?

meletakkan diri saya di tempat requester: cuba mencari mesej2 yang requester ingin sampaikan di dalam ff mereka, dan memberi teguran2 yang berlapik dan tidak mengguris hati.

adakah awk rasakan yg awk seorg user yg popular kat malay tags ?

pfft puahaha
Awak, //kesat air mata sebab gelak yg teramat// satu2nya Malay ff saya tu tak mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan tau. 12 subbie but 0 upvotes. Macamanalah nak jadi popular macam tu.
Oh alang2 saya dah sentuh topik ni... Bukankah sdh menjadi satu peraturan tdk bertulis (dan seperti yg selalu digembar-gemburkan oleh user2 Melayu kat AFF): kalau nak tahu ff tu elok ke tidak, tengok upvotes nya.
Jadi dgn jumlah upvote yg seperti itu, saya kira ff saya tidak berada di dalam standard pembaca2 Melayu di AFF, //shrugs// oh well.
Apa2 pun, saya tidak mempunyai cita2 yg besar utk mengejar populariti kat AFF. So saya tak kisah pun kalau2 saya dikenali atau tdk kat website tu :)

Okay so tweaking my previous qs, would you like to have a genius child?

Instead of having a child who is a genius, I would like to have a child who will treasure me as their mom. They don't have to be wealthy, they don't have to be among the respected authority, I just want them to genuinely love me.

Apa writing style awak? Atau, style macamana yang awak lebih selesa gunakan ketika menulis?

Sebenarnya, saya prefer cara penulisan yang light, yang menyelitkan humor di sana sini. Sebab saya langsung tidak mempunyai kelebihan di dalam cara penulisan yang angsty dan genre2 yang berat orz. saya lebih yakin dgn cara penulisan yang humorous. Saya juga selalu memasukkan tips2 kehidupan seharian/ilmu2 yg saya ketahui ke dalam karya2 saya, sebagai contoh, kita tak boleh minum teh semasa atau selepas mengambil makanan berat. Akhir sekali, saya masih di dalam peringkat 'puberty' untuk menyelitkan moral ke dalam cerita2 saya :)

What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

Hmm, rather than sister, I prefer a BFF slash sister (lmao). It's f(x)'s Luna.

I'm sorry for G-mole qs, I thought you'd be more open-minded on answering it like you answered the armpit one

well, I am an open-minded person. But there's a limit to everything, you see ;) and yeah, you're forgiven.

How many 2048 versions have you played?

Ooo, there were so many :D :D
The original one http://www.crazygames.com/game/2048-artificial-intelligence
OT12 aka the confusing version http://2048.malash.net/9e527933a16cfdb8?lang=en_US
OT12 Ivy League http://games.usvsth3m.com/2048/exo-edition-55/
Xiuhan http://games.usvsth3m.com/2048/xiuhan-edition-3/
Sehun OTPs http://games.usvsth3m.com/2048/sehun-otp-edition/
Chen http://games.usvsth3m.com/2048/chen-edition-3/
Lay http://2048.malash.net/911007?lang=en_US
(Okay it's less than 10 ^.^")
I've played Kyungsoo and Chanyeol's versions too, but I'm too lazy to look for the links now orz. But here's the link to the EXO 2048 masterlist if you want. Enjoy! :D

What is your current hair color? And what is your fav hair color?

Black. I've never dyed my hair before, and I think I'm not going to dye it in the future too.

Mole at the genitals I mean

Well anon, I'm sorry. I don't feel like checking my private parts rn nor do I feel like answering this question. It's part of my aurah too, so I'm sorry.

Here's another interesting fact: Women who have a mole at their genitals would give birth to a genius. So do you have one?

pmsl. Have what? A genius child? Well I'm not married yet so I don't have a child, let alone a genius one.


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