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How are you doing these days akak? I miss your PMs btw, aha :))

Awwh, I miss you too! :'((
I'm doing fine nowadays. The amount of assignment, tests and presentations increases each week, but what do we expect from uni anyways haha. Even right now I need to do research for two pieces of assignment zzz. Essay-like assignment, with 2000-words minimum requirement for each.
I hope you're doing fine, love! <3 In Shaa Allah I'll find the right time to reply to you. I miss talking to you too :'(

Do you ship Xiumin/D.O? Cause your dp...

Lol noo. I only see their friendship as pure bromance, that's all. Both members are my favourites btw :)

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akak c: my trial is next week so I'll be disappearing for awhile. Aha. XD Hope you'll get the hang of your new schedule. hwaiting, neh? :)

In Shaa Allah. Good luck with your trial! <3

Is there anything that you regret these days?

Not being able to find the time to reply to AFF users'--or more specifically, my AFF dongsaeng's--PMs :( I'm still adjusting myself with the university routine.

Eh, camne boleh send ayat x abes tu... Jsyk sy bukan kena bunuh ke apa time tgh taip tadi. Xtau pesal jd gitu haha

"kena bunuh" haha alahaii awak ni xD
Saya rasa awak langgar word limit dalam ask awak yg sebelum ni, sebab tu jadi macamtu. But it's okay, saya masih faham apa yang awak maksudkan ;)

So far x penah lg minta review mana2 since sy pn br je start menulis ff. Tp sy suka baca review2 awak, best. Wise, membantu, insightful, nmpk sgt awak mpunyai kefahamn yg baik in the art of storytelling, compared to a lot of people on aff. Keep up the good work. Sooner or later sy musti request revi

Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih atas feedbacknya :) Ni yang jadi pembakar semangat utk buat review nih! haha. Jangan segan2 minta request dari saya, In Shaa Allah saya dapat membantu dgn semampunya :D

O.O You did not just list down Azalea's Moments /gapes/ /cries tears of happiness/ - Azalea :)

Oh yes I did :D

Any Malay reviewers that you look up to?

The reviewers at Azalea's Moment(?) Review Shop. and a reviewer with username Rainbow_fairy, the one who owns Rainbow Galaxy(?) Review Shop. Their language command in Malay is wayy better than mine ^.^" The way they review stories also shows their absolute dedication. Something to be admired.
If you happen to be a fellow Malay reviewer on aff but I didn't mention you, I'd like to apologize D; That doesn't mean you're not good, it's just me being ignorant and not browsing through the malay tag well enough.

You're a reviewer, so I'd like to know your opinion on plots. I was wondering, is it possible to make a cliche into your own? The whole plot may be something you read in every book there is available but is there truly a possibility of writing out a good story even if when using cliches as its base?

Of course it is possible! In my opinion, inserting plot twists and original traits from the author into the story is the vital key. Using proper grammar and having decent writing style can attract readers to read your story too, even if your story falls under the cliche category. Also, as long as you can make your story relate-able to the readers, ie they can put themselves into the characters' shoes (and to the setting of the story), you're good to go.
True, cliches are boring. Even as a reader, I'd say, "Aah, I've seen this kind of story somewhere before." when I find stories that are cliche. But we must acknowledge that not all writers are creative. Only a handful of us are gifted with the talent of producing something that is truly original. I'm not a creative person myself, in fact, I use cliches in my stories too.
I encountered this saying from a fellow reviewer: "It's okay to use cliche story lines, just don't use the predictable ones."
In conclusion, it is okay to use cliches as the base of your story. My advice is: avoid predictable story lines (as this will bore your readers) by using plot twists! :)

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As a Muslim, shouldn't Malay writers avoid certain genres i.e smut and sexual references?

That's true, but it's not applicable to /all/ Malay writers. Not all Malays are Muslims, so it's only Muslims who are not encouraged to write such suggestive genres. I acknowledge that ppl fantasize and get needy at times (lmao), so some resort to pouring these feels out through writing. Of course, this method is not forbidden, but as Muslims, it is advised that you keep those kind of work to yourself. Jangan encourage atau biarkan org lain mendapat dosa dengan membaca karya2 sebegitu.

Out of curiosity here: 1) How's the current review going? Any big progress akak? 2) Are you writing an 'essay' at the moment xD

1) I just need to fill in two large sections of the rubric and proofreading the whole thing, then I'm done. But I still need to tone down my raya mode, haha. So hopefully it'll be done next week //kisses goodbye to my initial plan on finishing it before raya T.T//
2) Yes, I'm still composing it! Haha. My last raya guest of the day just went home and I still have to juggle between some house chores and the essay before it can be done ;)

She's not Malay? But her name is Alina, isn't it? --- Okay, that name applies to other races too aha xD I seriously have no clue I found her O.O Aaa, Alhamdulillah. xD

Yes, she's not Malay, Alina is German ^.^
I know right?? I was surprised too when I learned her real name, it sounds so familiar within Malay community. Still a wonderful person <3

Aaah, okay okay. When I came across her pf, one of the questions asked was 'Who is Alisa'. And she answered 'My beta-reader' or...something along the lines.

Aah yes! That qs on her ask was recent. But wow, the chances that you come across her pf are slim actually. Small world, lmao. (she's not even Malay, so, yeah...) Bless your professional level in stalking xD

Now that you've mentioned it. Idk. I came across her pd here -- A pic of Chen right? And now...I have no clue how to find her again xD

Yes, she has Chen as her dp ^.^
I wasn't expecting you to retrace her though haha, I was just curious on how you knew I was associated with her.

Have you forgotten about that one special talent of mine? XD

Stalking? ahaha. But still, how?? I make sure I don't mention her name anywhere on aff. Except on her stories' comments.

I like being anon. But I can refrain from keeping secrets so... relax akak, it was me.

ahaha okay okay xD but how did you know about Alina?

Who is Alina? O.O

who are /you/? lmao.
Alina is my acquaintance on aff, an author that I offer beta services to. She's a wonderful person on my tlist too <3

A continuation because it seems like I have a talent of writing long sentences. In my opinion, your reputation on aff is very different from other users. While most get famous for their writing, you are given recognition for all the reviews you do. As a reviewer, doesn't that makes you content? :)

hmm, tbvh I don't feel like I'm that known on aff, but yes I am grateful for the recognition that I get from some users :)

We are quite different when it comes to having 'friends', aren't we not? xD I completely understands your reason though, and I see no further discussion needed. 'Afraid' might be a strong word. How about 'mysterious' then? xD You're right, most add friends just because one is malay ~ :(

eyy, 'mysterious' sounds fab :9
I know :( that's why I don't accept random friend requests on aff anymore.


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