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Which parts of AFF that you hate? (a Malay questioner here ^.^v)

Get ready for the flame //smirks//
"This is a Malay ff. Only Malaysians can read!"
Ehm please. Malaysians aren't the only ones who read/speak/write in Malay. Stop being so ignorant. Ppl with such mindset embarrass others of the same nationality.
"Please state your age upon requesting." a rule at Malay writing contests, Malay confession center, Malay graphics shops.
Just, why.

Which part(s) of exams or assignments that you hate?

"Explain why...", "Elaborate...", "Describe in 100 words only..."
I mean--
//face flat on the desk//

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Who's Asyiqin? She's (presumably) the only Malay you're following on twitter.

@Sqn_183 is my niece! <3 <3 <3 My same age niece //scoffs, she's soo going to enjoy reading this// To make it short, she's the only one in my family who understands my struggles in writing and my spazzings on K-pop idols.

Then what's your real name?

I'm not actually comfortable of sharing it with anyone whom I don't meet in real life. You can just call me Alisa. Everyone on AFF and twitter addresses me by that name :)

How do you usually start a conversation?

I'm a quiet person. Alright no, I'm just too lazy to find topics to discuss for a conversation because honestly, I'm an awkward turtle most of the time. I usually wait for the other party to speak first.

Guilty pleasure?

I don't know if you're expecting an NC-17 answer for this, but I'm gonna keep my answer PG anyway ^.^"
It's cracking knuckles after doing sports //grins innocently//

Sorry, I actually meant 'or' on Baeksoo Chansoo question :S Thank you for answering!

Ah, thank God I interpreted your previous question correctly :'D No problem! I hope it satisfied you though :3

Baeksoo and Chansoo?

why anon whyy ;_;
Alright here goes. I love both pairings, but I think Kyungsoo is more comfortable when he's around Baekhyun. Thus he'll be more of his usual self. As for Yeol, I don't know, maybe it's his tall height that intimidates Kyungsoo? xD Moreover, Chanyeol likes to irk Kyungsoo, intentionally asking for punishment/headlocks from baby Soo or some sort. More than often do I notice Kyungsoo is more neutral or being nonchalant when Chanyeol cracks a joke (he cracks up when it's Baekhyun though... //smirks).
When it comes to reading ffs, I go for romantic relationships when it comes to Baeksoo. As for Chansoo, I prefer silly ones or crackfics. Like what I did to my Chansoo drabble, Junk :)
In conclusion, I pick Baeksoo. Maybe it's their height similarity that makes my heart lean to them. Still, I loove seeing pictures of both pairings; both Baeksoo and Chansoo :D

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When are you going to update deeply rooted? :(

omg are you one of my subbies? ;_; I'm so sorry for the impromptu hiatus. I involved myself in reviewing three months ago and somehow I can't multi-task well D; I can't update my fic and write reviews at the same time :( Sometimes I need a whole week to regain motivation for either task, so it's hard for me write my own fic where the review requests keep piling up.
Honestly, I still have wavering motivation for Deeply Rooted. I've already had the final chapters composed, in fact, they're in the few final stages before I would post them. But like I said, there's too much on my plate rn, aka the reviews.
But dear subbie, please do not worry. I only have four pending reviews as of now (I'll try finishing two of them tonight), and after I'm done with them, I'll be sure to have my full focus on Deeply Rooted :) It's my baby after all, and finishing the story is one of the goals I want to accomplish since I created the foreword. And just to assure you, I will NOT abandon my fics.

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When was the last time you charged your phone?

lmao anon! This is probably the most random ask I've ever got ;'D Anyway, it was last night! :)

EXO bias list?

1. Minseok
2. Jongdae
3. Kyungsoo
4. Chanyeol (during Showtime, Chanyeol was at the 3rd place)
5. Sehun
6. Yixing
7. Kris
8. Jongin
8. Tao
8. Luhan
11. Junmyeon
12. Baekhyun

What are you doing right now?

I'm supposed to be finishing a review, but yeah procrastination is at its best ;( anyway, I'm listening to some classic Malay songs right now :'D

What would you like to change?

my final year in A level maybe? I didn't get the result that I desired so I retook it in June 2013. And now I'm stranded at home, currently in my gap year, /jobless/ and waiting for my uni entrance in September. I feel like I'm being useless rn, to my parents especially.


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