Sub button when?

i barely managed to enable bits and you expect me to have a sub button
the games i'm good at are pretty bad for streaming - not realistic imo. i only like streaming when i feel i have something worth streaming. in xiv that's not very often (usually only when new content is released).
that being said, expect me to stream a boatload of stormblood.

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I dunno if you still check this but... I have a couple "friends" who tell me that I must play a certain race and clan to get the most out of my class and that I'm not good if I don't do that. Is that a true thing or are they just trying to make me play a race they like?

I don't check it as much as I should.
Race matters very little in Stormblood. The stat differences between races are very small when compared to the benefits you gain from gear now that ilevels are high.
In realm reborn, race mattered. In heavensward, it helped early on. In stormblood, you won't notice.

Hey Layla, do you have a static for 4.0 world progression yet?

I have friends who I plan to log in with.

How sick does it make you feel that Lebron is most likely going to win his 4th ring this season.

KD goes down and you think LeBrons next in line? He's sharing a seat with people named James Harden and Kawhi Leonard.
Don't sleep on the Celtics, either. LeBron will be in the finals but it won't be 3 brooms to get there.

Hey Layla, my statics MT Pally keeps going Sword Oath during our DPS burst, losing hate to our MNK, DRG or MCH and wiping us to simple mechanics in fights we should be clearing. He has also started losing it to our WAR and refuses to switch. Do you have any tips on what we should do?

It sounds like you're not running a Ninja. He needs to accept that without a NIN he's going to need to do extra Halones and sit Shield Oath a little longer. Tanks are there to support the DPS - not the other way around. If he can't accept that, he won't go very far.
Harsh maybe, but it's reality.

What's your history with wow? Would you rather raids take awhile for world first like mythic guldan (more than one lockout) or 48 hours like the last xiv tier? Somewhere in between?

played wow since beta
my preference is > 1 week and < 2 weeks
anything less than 1 week is too short for me to enjoy

2 Vit rings or 1 Vit and 1 Str ring on Warrior/Tanks in general? Are the extra stats worth it from the str ring opposed to having more hp?

1 vit 1 str
the extra HP is not necessary in creator after your leftside is 250+

Can you link any good warrior guides that go into great detail about the job? Or can you maybe provide some tips about playing war?

I'm actually going to plug @XenosysVex and @ANGERED_FFXIV here
Xeno's warrior guide(s): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUXck-0vh5kLaylaFFXIV’s Video 140517090647 HUXck-0vh5kLaylaFFXIV’s Video 140517090647 HUXck-0vh5k
good overview of the deliverance-heavy playstyle of heavensward warrior
ANGERED's warrior guide: http://angered.guildwork.com/forum/threads/57d9fbb4002aa82966cf699d-heavensward-warrior-guide-by-evi-quarion
comprehensive guide of heavensward warrior, fracture math is a little wonky as it should compare rotations from berserk end to berserk start but it's a good guide

do you have any advice about dealing with the feeling that your group might be plateauing? we've had creator on farm for several weeks, and we've moved on to speedkills, and i have concerns that some (not all) members aren't interested in improving further than where they are right now

My advice? Don't force players. Not everyone enjoys speedkilling (especially in AST meta) - don't let it destroy a group. In my experiences, interest is not something that's going to spawn out of practice. It either exists or it doesn't.
Side note: there are other ways to further group synergy and unity... Sometimes it's even accomplished by playing other games together. In our (now-deceased) team Updog, we played more D3/BnS together than we did XIV during farm. It's important that people enjoy what they're doing or they're most likely not going to perform well.

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