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Did they finally get "between Second Coil and Final Coil" done right with Savage Creator?

I don't know... the checks were really lenient this time! I don't know if they should be as forgiving as they are but time will tell how the playerbase reacts. Mechanically, the tier felt pretty great. I think they hit their stride with design.
I guess an answer to your question is: the checks of Second and Final Coil were both more demanding the first week.
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What aspects do you like about WoW Raids and FFXIV Raids? What aspects would you combine from both?

wow raids: interesting mechanics that are tuned for zero server delay, many bosses, and a better raid dungeon atmosphere
ffxiv raids: armoury system, visuals, smaller group size, and no dungeon journal/PTR
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Is there anything you / your static have learned from Legion so far that can be implemented into world prog come 3.4?

don't let me tank

How do you like your chances for 3.4 world first? In the same vein, what do you think your current team brings to the table compared to previous iterations?

I think we have a good shot at world first. We're a little weak in the tank department because I'm a Brewmaster but I'm working on getting my Prot Pally geared up so I can have some better prog utility. Not sure if Miu will need to switch to Arms or no--
Oh, you mean FFXIV... Nevermind.
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now that things have calmed down. can you tell is what happened between you and Gouka? are you leaving Elysium after the 3.4 world race?

It was a troll that people ran with a little too far (imo). It started because a handful of us wanted to shitpost in a memetastic FC chat for a few days. Everything's groovy. It's safe to put away your air horns.
No we're not leaving EM don't be silly.


Probably any question involving your midlander's awful glamour.
Hi gouka

How do you feel about the current pool of talent available for raiding currently in FFXIV? Do you have any ideas/thoughts on improving the pool if there is a lack of talent? Do you think there is a lack of community support towards/in raiding?

If you asked me in Gordias I would have pessimistically said the pool was small. After being surprised by a lot of new talent in Midas, I've decided that there are a lot of talented players out there that haven't had the opportunity to prove themselves. Even now, I'm playing with an individual who is new to prog but has a really strong aptitude. The best thing for the community to do to continue to broaden the pool is to keep an open mind toward players like I've learned to. They may surprise you and figure out Winged Justice for you!

Actually, I would say Fold is James Jones. Just follows you to collect world firsts. :^)

Trolling aside, Fold and all of my teammates I've had the pleasure of playing with are vital to any success we've had. There are strengths that streaming and recording alone aren't enough to convey. It was Fold and Leroy who first taught us how to do hardcore progression back when I joined Collision. The school of Leroy runs strong in our blood.
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Would you say you are the Lebron James of FFXIV? As long as you are on a HC Raiding team, there is a chance at world first. Is Fold your Kyrie Irving?

Fold is more like JR Smith.
Some days he lights it up. Others he's a Magikarp flopping center court.
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I've been wondering something lately which made me want ask you this question. When you and your team are progressing and started to get to know the fights, did you guys coordinate and hold TA and/or Hypercharge for certain points in the fight so they're up for coordinated bursts?

Magiosal’s Profile PhotoNioulanFFXIV
Of course. Sometimes DPS matters and sometimes DPS doesn't matter. Listen to us or other groups raid and you'll often hear people asking for CD timers on Trick Attack or Hypercharge so they can know when to use their CDs as well.
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What do you think is better for a WAR's DPS? BRD or MCH? I personally think BRD might be, assuming they have 100% accurate Warden's Paeon timing.

MCH and it's not close.

Isn't princess rosilee the cutest lala you know? :)

She's a demon that I'm forced to associate with.

You said earlier that 3.4 world first race was a little up in the air for you, any updates? And do you think you'll do the world first race in 4.0? Also, any predictions as to what 4.0's raid tier will be based off of? Like how 2.0 was Bahamut.

Magiosal’s Profile PhotoNioulanFFXIV
Without detailing personal info, I had health issues that kept me out of raiding after Midas finished. If my schedule & health allow progression time for 3.4, I'm not going to rule out the option. It would be a dream to chase a third Heavensward victory but I'm not going to be distraught if it doesn't work out. I'm very happy with what we've been able to accomplish this last year. That being said, my answer will always be: "If I can, I'm going to."
I have no idea what I will be doing during 4.0. I'm already uncertain about 3.4 so I'm not too concerned with 4.0.
I have no idea what the theme of 4.0 will be but I hope it doesn't involve robots or goblins.
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Why did you guys go MNK/NIN over MNK/DRG in a7/8s? Right now my group will have to decide between those two comps for next raid tier.

James Ng
Some of it was class proficiency. Fold is the best NIN I've played with and he and I work well together as WAR NIN. Another noteworthy part of it was his gear on NIN compared to DRG at the time. The final third of it was threat utility. Smokescreen & Shadewalker are great tools in a prog environment. It's worth noting that MNK/DRG will be a slightly tankier melee duo than MNK/NIN, however (FoE + Traited KF & BfB / higher base def vs FoE + Shadeshift). This is one thing you do sacrifice.
I feel we would have the same results with either comp. Midas wasn't as strict as Gordias.
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Does your group still use Vit melds A8S?

afaik most players have dropped/are dropping vit - 240 leftside is enough

Do you have any tips for a WAR rotation/priorities? Beside keeping maim and storm's eye up 100% of the time, I also try to fit in fracture whenever I have buffs/stacks up. Anything else to help improve my dps beyond that? I see these warriors putting out 1200-1600 dps and I'm over here doing 1000.

war dps tldr: (1) fit as many fell cleaves into each berserk as you can, (2) try not to infuriate outside berserk, (3) make sure str/vit pot is hitting at minimum two fell cleaves, (4) use defensive cds in a rotation that maximizes deliverance uptime


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